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Honors Spring 2012


100-Level Courses in HNRS

HNRS 122: Reading the Arts (3 Credits)

Explores the language of the art medium and the relationship of parts to whole in art works, connections among different art forms, and links between art and its historical context. In exploring multiple art forms, including literature, students will also learn how various artistic devices contribute to meaning. Students will critically explore detail and nuance in the social, historical and personal context of the work(s). Students will also participate in or attend a visual or performance based art work(s) or event(s). Read More »

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HNRS 130: Conceptions of Self (3 Credits)

Drawing from appropriate works in social sciences, arts, and humanities, examines different conceptions and definitions of the self from diverse cultures and historical contexts. Read More »

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200-Level Courses in HNRS

HNRS 230: Cross-Cultural Perspectives (3 Credits)

Enables students to broaden cultural horizons and understand human behavior by comparative studies of Êsocieties. Read More »

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300-Level Courses in HNRS

HNRS 353: Technology in the Contemporary World (3 Credits)

Critically analyzes emergence and impact of specific technologies on contemporary cultures and the core concepts surrounding these technologies, including legal, social, ethical issues and the technology's relationship to core information security issues. Students develop a significant research project employing multiple disciplinary perspectives. This project will be communicated ethically and with cultural awareness through written, oral and digital means, showing a critical understanding of technologies and their impact. Read More »

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