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B. Robert Kreiser

B. Robert Kreiser

B. Robert Kreiser

Adjunct Faculty

European History

Robert Kreiser received his Ph.D. in history from the University of Chicago in 1971 and taught full-time at the University of Rochester from 1969 to 1982. He is the author of Miracles, Convulsions, and Ecclesiastical Politics in Early Eighteenth-Century Paris (Princeton University Press, 1978). His other scholarly publications and presentations have dealt with demonic possession and religious politics in eighteenth-century Provence, the emergence and early development of the French veterinary medical profession, the origins of the Washington-Baltimore Psychoanalytic Institute, and the history and current state of academic freedom in the U.S.

Since 1982 Kreiser has been a senior program officer at the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). During his three decades at the AAUP he has provided assistance and advice to faculty members, administration officials, and others on issues of academic freedom and tenure, shared governance, professional ethics, discrimination, sexual harassment, and the rights of “contingent” faculty, has authored or co-authored numerous reports on a variety of faculty rights issues, and has been an associate editor of Academe and the editor of the last five editions of the AAUP Policy Documents and Reports (the “Redbook”).

From 1996 to the present Kreiser has served as an adjunct professor of history at GMU, teaching courses in historical methodology, history, biography, and film, and criminal trials in American and European history. Finally, since 1994 he has been the financial officer/treasurer for the Society for French Historical Studies and the organization’s delegate to the American Council of Learned Societies during that time.