History and Art History
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Part-time Faculty

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U.S. History


  • Erin N. Bush

    Erin N. Bush

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History: 19th & 20th Century social and cultural history, history of crime in America, digital research methods, women and Gender Studies.

  • Harry Butowsky

    Harry Butowsky

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History


  • David J. Gerleman

    David J. Gerleman

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Nineteenth Century United States, Military History, Antebellum South, Public History, Archival Research Methods

  • Daniel Gifford

    Daniel Gifford

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History: American popular and visual culture, holidays and leisure, advertising, fairs and expositions


  • Kathy McGill

    Kathy McGill

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History: Early American history, with particular interest in Atlantic history, identity, and travel literature

  • Laura Moore

    Laura Moore

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History