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BA in History

"Hands-on experience in the creative arts using a variety of technologies and media"

For policies governing all undergraduate degrees, see the Academic Policies section of the catalog.

This undergraduate program offers students the option of applying to the accelerated master's degree program.  See History, BA/History, Accelerated MA for specific requirements.

Degree Requirements (Catalog Year 2016-2017)

Students must fulfill all requirements for bachelor's degrees, including Mason Core requirements. Students pursuing a BA in history must complete additional college requirements for the BA degree in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Students pursuing this degree must complete 36 credits within the major with at least 18 credits at the 300 and 400 levels. Additional credits of history in excess of 36 may be presented as elective credits to be counted toward graduation. Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.00 in courses applied to the major.

Before registering, students should see an advisor to help plan their history program to meet Mason Core and college-level requirements. The advisor also can help students choose electives or a minor.

HIST 300 and 499 may not be used to satisfy the first three requirements below.

Two courses (6 credits) of U.S. history chosen from:

HIST 121 - Formation of the American Republic

HIST 122 - Development of Modern America

HIST 331 - Postwar United States, 1945-1973

HIST 332 - United States since 1973

HIST 333 - The Automobile in the United States

HIST 335 - The African American Experience in the United States: African Background to 1885

HIST 336 - The African American Experience in the United States: Reconstruction to the Present

HIST 337 - Race and Gender in American Sports

HIST 338 - History of College Athletics

HIST 339 - History of Baseball

HIST 340 - Basketball and the American Experience

HIST 341 - History of Sport in the United States

HIST 342 - History of the Olympics and the United States

HIST 350 - U.S. Women's History

HIST 351 - History of the Old South

HIST 352 - The South since 1865

HIST 370 - War and American Society

HIST 373 - The Civil War and Reconstruction

HIST 377 - The Vietnam War

HIST 378 - History of Aviation

HIST 380 - Uncovering the U.S. Past Through Film

HIST 389 - Topics in U.S. History

HIST 391 - History of Virginia to 1800

HIST 392 - History of Virginia Since 1800

HIST 401 - Colonial America

HIST 403 - Revolutionary Era in American History, 1763-1812

HIST 404 - Jacksonian America, 1812-1854

Two courses (6 credits) of European history chosen from:

HIST 100 - History of Western Civilization used to fulfill the Mason Core requirement in Western civilization may also fulfill 3 credits of this requirement.

HIST 101 - Foundations of Western Civilization

HIST 102 - Development of Western Civilization

HIST 301 - Classical Greece

HIST 302 - Classical Rome

HIST 304 - Western Europe in the Middle Ages

HIST 305 - The Renaissance

HIST 306 - The Reformation

HIST 307 - Old Regime and Revolutionary Europe

HIST 308 - Nineteenth-Century Europe

HIST 309 - Europe in Crisis: 1914-1948

HIST 312 - Nationalism in Eastern Europe

HIST 314 - History of Germany

HIST 322 - Modern Britain

HIST 326 - Stalinism

HIST 327 - The Soviet Union and Russia Since World War II

HIST 328 - Rise of Russia

HIST 329 - Modern Russia and the Soviet Union

HIST 388 - Topics in European History

HIST 426 - The Russian Revolution

HIST 436 - European Society and Culture: 19th and 20th Centuries

HIST 480 - Alexander the Great

Two courses (6 credits) of global, Latin American, African, Asian, or Middle Eastern history chosen from:

Approved courses in history used to fulfill the Mason Core requirement in global understanding and the college-level requirement in non-Western culture may be used to fulfill this requirement.

HIST 125 - Introduction to World History

HIST 202 - Freshman/Sophomore Seminar in Global History

HIST 251 - Survey of East Asian History

HIST 252 - Survey of East Asian History

HIST 261 - Survey of African History

HIST 262 - Survey of African History

HIST 271 - Survey of Latin American History

HIST 272 - Survey of Latin American History

HIST 281 - Survey of Middle Eastern Civilization

HIST 282 - Survey of Middle Eastern Civilization

HIST 353 - History of Traditional China

HIST 354 - Modern China

HIST 356 - Modern Japan

HIST 357 - Postwar Japan

HIST 358 - Post-1949 China

HIST 359 - Modern Iraq

HIST 360 - History of South Africa

HIST 364 - Revolution and Radical Politics in Latin America

HIST 365 - Conquest and Colonization in Latin America

HIST 366 - Comparative Slavery

HIST 367 - History, Fiction, and Film in Latin America

HIST 387 - Topics in Global History

HIST 460 - Modern Iran

HIST 461 - Arab-Israeli Conflict

HIST 462 - Women in Islamic Society

HIST 465 - The Middle East in the 20th Century

One methods course (3 credits)

HIST 300 - Introduction to Historical Method (with a minimum grade of 2.00)

One seminar course (3 credits)

HIST 499 - RS: Senior Seminar in History (fulfills university synthesis requirement)

Four elective courses (12 credits) in history

Students should choose courses in history at the 300 or 400 levels to meet this requirement if they need credits to complete the 18-credit, upper-level history requirement.

In addition to HIST courses, history majors may use one 300-level ARTH course and HNRS 240 to fulfill this requirement.

Total: 36 credits

Writing-Intensive Requirement

The university requires all students to complete at least one course designated as "writing intensive" in their majors at the 300 level or above. Students majoring in history may fulfill this requirement by successfully completing HIST 300 and 499.


Any remaining credits may be completed with elective courses to bring the degree total to 120.

Degree Total: Minimum 120 credits

Requirements may be different for earlier catalog years. See the University Catalog archives.

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