New Leaders Highlight College Faculty Transitions

by Rashad Mulla

Over the summer, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences welcomed many new faculty and staff members, while some current college employees added other responsibilities to their slate.

The new director of the Global Affairs Program is Mills Kelly, the college’s former associate dean for enrollment development. Kelly is currently an associate professor in the Department of History and Art History, an associate director of the Center for History and New Media, and the director of the New Europe minor. From 2001-2007, he coordinated the required course in Western civilization.

Kelly’s goals for the program are many: He would like to start an honors program in the major, raise money for the program through donations and grants, and grow enrollment for the master’s program from the current 23 students to 50 by the end of his four-year term.

Priscilla Regan, professor of government and politics, is the chair of the Department of Public and International Affairs. Regan spent the last two years as co-director of the political science graduate program. In all, Regan has been at George Mason University for 21 years. She took a two-year break in 2006 to work as a program officer for the National Science Foundation.

Regan said the department as a whole is in good shape and she will focus on helping keep it that way. One of her main goals is to continue the trajectory of improvement in their graduate programs, including the well-established master of public administration and the relatively new MA and PhD in political science.

Trevor Thrall, new to Mason, is the director of the Biodefense Program within the Department of Public and International Affairs. He comes from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, where he spent seven years teaching political science. At Dearborn, he headed the master of public policy and master of public administration. He has taught courses on media and politics, American government, terrorism prevention and security. His research focus is the intersection of war, news, and public opinion.

Thrall’s initial plans are to concentrate on improving enrollment in the Biodefense Program and eventually to expand it into a comprehensive security studies program. He plans to explore interdisciplinary opportunities throughout the university.

The college welcomes all the new faculty members for 2010. These are the additions to the full time faculty by department:


Jeremy J. Hodgson, term instructor and assistant director of forensics

David J. Miller, term assistant professor

Sergey A. Samoylenko, term instructor


Christopher J. Coyne, assistant professor


Ben Doller, assistant professor

Aaron McLean Winter, term assistant professor

Andrew David Scahill, term assistant professor

Higher Education

Anne M. Kuhta, director of academics

History and Art History

Nicole De Armendi, term assistant professor

Jennifer Lynn Ritterhouse, associate professor 

Susan Schulze, term assistant professor

Modern and Classical Languages

Natalia Dudnik, term assistant professor of German

Ghassan Husseinali, assistant professor of Arabic

Michael Jeck, term assistant professor of film studies


Christopher A. DiTeresi, assistant professor


Tyler H. Shaw, assistant professor

Public and International Affairs

Sheldon M. Edner, term professor

Trevor Thrall, associate professor