HIST 351: History of the Old South

HIST 351-001: History of the Old South
(Fall 2024)

04:30 PM to 07:10 PM T

Horizon Hall 1008

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The Old South conjures images of a society filled with ladies and gentlemen who lived a life of cultured leisure yet in reality the nineteenth-century South, like other parts of the United States, was composed of people of different ethnic heritages and was on the move, both in agriculture and industry. This course will introduce students to many debates about the distinctiveness of the South and help students understand the region’s place within the American experience. We will explore the South, 1770-1860, with an emphasis on social, political, and cultural history. A major focus will be the role that slavery played in the economy, the culture, and politics. The viewpoints and experiences of enslaved and free African-American men and women, and white men and women from planter, farmer, and merchant families will form important topics, as we explore the intersecting worlds of different social groups.

Course objectives: in general, to increase knowledge about and promote a better understanding of the changes in antebellum southern society and politics, to increase students’ abilities to analyze, understand, and compare primary and secondary sources; and to enhance students' writing skills.


Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

History of South to outbreak of Civil War, with particular emphasis on rise of sectionalism. Focuses on development of distinct Southern culture through emergence of economic, political, social, agricultural, and intellectual institutions. Limited to three attempts.
Schedule Type: Lecture
This course is graded on the Undergraduate Regular scale.

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