History and Art History
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

ARTH 385: Arts of Japan

ARTH 385-001: Arts of Japan
(Spring 2012)

07:20 PM to 10:00 PM W

Innovation Hall 134

Section Information for Spring 2012

In this Arts of Japan course, we will study a variety of art objects which include architecture, sculpture, painting, calligraphy, ceramics, gardens, and prints. We will examine these objects in their historical context to understand how they inform and explain the history and cultures of Japan. The class is organized according to the historical chronology of Japan from pre-history to the post-WWII period.  Special attention will be paid to the relationship between patronage and art making, and how Japanese temple, court, Samurai, and merchant cultures have influenced creation and use of these art objects and how these objects have informed us of these cultures. Issues of aesthetics and philosophy, cross-cultural exchanges with China, Korea, and the West will be emphasized. Special emphasis will also be placed on period style, format and medium of Japanese arts.

Satisfies the general education requirement in global understanding.


Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

Art and architecture of Japan, with particular attention to the ways political changes, religious movements, and social developments influenced and shaped those creations. Discusses monuments and artifacts in a variety of media in relation to social and historical contexts. May not be repeated for credit.
Mason Core: Global Understanding
Specialized Designation: Non-Western Culture
Recommended Prerequisite: 24 credits.
Schedule Type: Lecture

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