History and Art History
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

ARTH 399: Special Topics in the History of Art

ARTH 399-004: Modern African American Art: From Emancipation to the Civil Rights Era
(Fall 2011)

12:00 PM to 01:15 PM TR

Enterprise Hall 174

Section Information for Fall 2011

This course traces modern African American history (1865-present) through visual and public art. Beginning with emancipation from slavery after the Civil War and concluding with the unveiling of the new memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. on the National Mall, the course explores how race relations in the United States were reflected in artistic forms including: painting, sculpture, public memorials, and photography. Most significantly, the course examines how visual and public art act as critical agents in the formation of collective memory about race and racial conflict in modern American culture.

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Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 3

Topics vary. Notes: May be repeated when topic is different. May be repeated within the term.
Schedule Type: Lecture

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