HIST 370: War and American Society

HIST 370-B01: War and American Society
(Summer 2020)

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War has long been an essential part of American history but also American culture. The United States won its independence through one war, redefined its national principles in another, and rose to global prominence through its participation in the World Wars of the twentieth century. This course will examine how and why Americans have fought from the colonial period to the post-Cold War era, including conflicting cultures of violence and the ways in which wartime mobilization has altered the US economy and culture. We will also consider veterans as a social group within American society over time, including how they have been regarded by society across time, the readjustment process of coming home from war, and the ways in which military service has been compensated, rewarded, and ignored.

The course will combine readings, lecture, documentary films, and discussions. Students’ active participation in class is encouraged and required. Skills developed in the course include formal and informal writing, textual analysis, discussion participation and public speaking, and critical thinking.

HIST 370 B01 is a distance education section.

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Credits: 3

Examines war and American society from the colonial period to the post-Cold War era, including how military institutions, war, and the preparation for war have affected American society, and how Americans have thought about military service, experience war, and made peace through their history. Special emphasis on civil-military relations and the role of war and militarism in American culture. Limited to three attempts.
Schedule Type: Lecture
This course is graded on the Undergraduate Regular scale.

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