MA Art History Theses



Ellie Canning

Folk Art of the 19th Century Southwest




Charlotte Taylor 

Paintings of Paintings: The Rise of Gallery Paintings in Seventeenth-Century Antwerp




Tammy Tran

Inception and Reception of Western Illusionistic Techniques in Qing Court Art




Saul Cordona-Luciano

There Can Be Only One: Roman Conceptions of Twins in the Augustan Succession


Tina Delis

Minerva Teichert’s Jesus at the Home of Mary and Martha: Reimagining an Ordinary Heroine


Alexandra Endres

Organic Monuments: The Changing Landscapes of Augustan Rome


Kerry Longbottom

From Mountain to Mountain: Mount Fuji as International Icon


Joe Sherren

Discovering a New Identity: Influences of the German Avant-Garde on Transatlantic Modernists from the United States




Bianca Rawlings

By Her Example: Exemplary Womanhood and Female Homosociality in the Matronage of Isabella d'Este and Eleonora di Toledo


Masha Stoyanova

From Archaeology to Imitation: Pompeii in the Work of Alexander Briullov


Greta Suiter

Trompe l'oeil and Vik Muniz's Verso Series: The Back of the Canvas as an Original Copy




Ellen McVickar Layman

Picturing Early Ephesos: Images Imagined and Real


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