Hayley Madl

Hayley Madl

Hayley Madl

Graduate Research Assistant

North American Indigenous History, Community Engaged Indigenous History, Digital History, Digital Reconstruction and Memory

Hayley Madl graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in History and Political Science from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford in 2021. Her graduation thesis examined expressions of sovereignty in boundary line treaties between the Haudenosaunee and the British Empire in North America. She is currently a Graduate Research Assistant at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media where she works as a producer in R2 Studios. Hayley's current research involves developing a methodology to examine historical memory of space through digital reconstruction, as well as the potential uses of such methodology in the field of public history.

Grants and Fellowships

Presidential Scholarship, Office of the Provost, 2021-Present


Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, 2021