Jacqueline Beatty

Jacqueline Beatty

Jacqueline Beatty

U.S. History: Early America to 1820, U.S. Women and Gender, Marriage and Divorce

Jacqueline Beatty received her PhD from George Mason University in December 2016. Her fields of interest are United States history, early American history, and the history of women and gender. She received her MA in U.S. and Women's and Gender History from Villanova University in 2012, and her BA in History from Boston College in 2010.

Her dissertation, "In Dependence: Women's Protection and Subordination as Power in Early America, 1750-1820" examines the lives of women in three early American cities—Boston, Philadelphia, and Charleston, from 1750 to 1820—in order to explore the ways in which they were able to exploit their positions of social and legal inferiority in order to gain certain advantages over men. Her dissertation focuses on women who actively and publicly claimed their dependence, using prescriptive literature as well as certain legal constraints which included coverture, and turned these limitations into vehicles of female empowerment. These women women exposed the paradoxes of their legal and social subordination by using the very terms of their dependence to undermine the system that was meant to keep them in submission.

Selected Publications

“Ladies Association of Philadelphia” in The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, 2013. http://philadelphiaencyclopedia.org/archive/ladies-association-of-philadelphia/#4867

Grants and Fellowships

Finalist, 2017 SHEAR Dissertation Prize 

International Travel Grant, GAPSA, George Mason University, 2016

Summer Research Fellowship, Office of the Provost, George Mason University, 2016

Deutsch Fellow in Women’s History, Library Company of Philadelphia, 2015-2016

Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Office of the Provost, August 2015-2016 

Kurt Andrew Dodd Tuition Fellowship, 2015-2016

Summer Research Fellowship, Office of the Provost, George Mason University, 2015

Dissertation Completion Travel Grant, Office of the Provost, 2015 

Provost’s Award for Dissertation Research Travel, George Mason University, 2014

SHEAR Graduate Travel Award, Summer 2013

Graduate Student Travel Grant, GAPSA, George Mason University, 2013

Courses Taught

HIST100 History of Western Civilization
HIST125 Introduction to World History
PROV105 American Cultures
PROV504 Introduction to Graduate Study for International Students


PhD, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, 2016
MA, Villanova University, Villanova, PA, 2012
BA, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, 2010

Recent Presentations

“‘For her sole and separate use’: Charleston Women, Coverture, and Marital Settlements in the Early Republic,” SHEAR Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, July 2017

"Freedom From Dependence: Women, Marriage, and the Negotiation of Power in the Early American Republic," Rethinking Women's History, Paris, France, June 2016

"Bearing Witness, Empowering Women: Gender and Boundary-Crossing in Early American Divorce Depositions," CUNY EARS Graduate Conference, New York, NY, May 2016

"'Under the necessity of giving this public notice': Marital Discord and Desertion in Philadelphia, 1785-1812," SHEAR Annual Meeting, St. Louis, MO, July 2013