Kristofer Stinson

Kristofer Stinson

Kristofer Stinson

Graduate Research Assistant

U.S. History: Early American history; American religious history; intellectual culture; antiquity; reception

Kristofer Stinson received his BA in history from Northwest Nazarene University, where he was recognized for both his work in Early American history and in secondary education, and his MA in history from George Mason University. He is currently a PhD student in the Department of History and Art History and focuses on the religious and intellectual culture of Early America and the Atlantic World. 

Kristofer is currently working on a project that chronicles the rise of the field of archaeology in the Atlantic world and the ways it interacted with the reigning conceptions of religion and history. Specifically, the project wrestles with the tensions that were illuminated when a society steeped in literalism began to interact with the physical reality of the ancient world.

Courses Taught

HIST125: Intro to World History

HIST100: Western Civilization

Recent Presentations

"Edward Gibbon's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," hosted by the American Revolution Institute of the Society of the Cincinnati, February 2019. 

“New Approaches to Teaching Early America” at the Virginia Consortium of Early Americanists (VCEA), hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University, January 2019. 

“‘When Sufferance Bears No More:’ Veterans, Antiquity, and the Fate of the American Republic,” at the 15th Annual HGSA Conference, hosted by Loyola University, November 2018.