About Art History

Art History is the analysis of visual data in a historical context. Art historians investigate works of art seeking to understand how they were made, why, by whom, and for whom. They also seek to read and interpret visual artifacts as records of a culture’s imagination and its larger societal concerns. Questions that art history asks touch on cultural, technological, and economic concerns. Because of this, the Art History program at George Mason University is interdisciplinary in nature.

The Art History faculty work closely with faculty from history within the Department of History and Art History, and in a broad range of programs throughout the University. The art history degree prepares students for graduate study and professional work in the arts through classwork, individual honors projects, and internships. We are committed to providing our students with a solid liberal arts education, with up-to-date applications of visual and information technology, and with access to all the exciting opportunities that the Washington, DC, area offers.