Undergraduate Programs

BA in Art History

As an art history major at Mason, you'll investigate works of art to learn about how and why they were made, and about the people who made them. You'll study art as a form of personal expression and a record of its historical moment by understanding not only the artwork's aesthetic qualities, but also the way art influences and is influenced by culture, technology, and economics.

BA in History

Studying history at George Mason will provide you with a broad perspective on the contemporary world and the events that have shaped it. As a history major, you will hone your skills in collecting, interpreting, and communicating information. Our department is home to specialists on every region of the globe, focusing on different time periods, and we are at the forefront of digital and public-facing history. We recognize that new technologies and methods bring together multiple voices and diverse audiences in an ever-changing world.

Minor in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology

This interdisciplinary minor is for students with diverse interests in the material culture of the ancient world. Course work combines the study of archeology, literature, art, history, philosophy, myth, and religion. The scope of the minor is not limited to Greece and Rome, but touches on all the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean and the heirs of late antiquity such as Byzantium and early Islam.

Minor in Art History

The minor in art history enhances any major in the arts, humanities, social sciences, management, art studio,  information technology, and more.

Minor in Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities minor is designed to help students expand their ability to make humanities arguments using digital tools. This minor takes an interdisciplinary, expansive view of the humanities, including courses from across the college. Students will learn how to interpret, analyze, and use digital methods to communicate in new and innovative ways, including skills such as digital rhetoric, podcast creation, mapping, and data visualization.

Minor in Health, Disease, and Culture

Minor in History

For those who love history but do not foresee it as their major career focus, a history minor can be a rewarding option. Because of its flexibility, the history minor may also be shaped to enhance a variety of majors.

Minor in Medieval Studies

The Middle Ages has had a powerful, long-lasting effect on cultures worldwide. A medieval studies curriculum enables students to discover just how much of our modern world can be traced back to the Middle Ages. The Minor Program in Medieval Studies has been designed as an interdisciplinary minor, to reflect the inherently interdisciplinary nature of the field of Medieval Studies and to best prepare students to develop a complex understanding of the period.

Minor in Museum Studies

Minor in Sport and American Culture (CHSS)

The minor in sport and American culture provides students with the opportunity to study the meaning of sport in American society and culture. Through courses in the minor, students trace the history of sport in America and examine the role of sport in today’s society.