How to View Your Degree Evaluation

Your degree evaluation is an online, printable, individualized report on your progress toward meeting graduation requirements.  It is an excellent tool to use in addition to – but not instead of – meeting with your academic advisor. We ask that you print your degree evaluation and bring it with you when you go see your advisor.


Student information is updated nightly. Information such as program changes and registration will not appear on the evaluation until the following day. Once in Degree Works, you must click Process to view the updated information.

  1. Login to Patriot Web
  2. Select Student Profile
  3. Select Degree Works

More detailed information, including video tutorials, about Degree Works' features (such as “What If” and “Look Ahead”) is available HERE

NOTE: In some cases you may wish to see a "What If" degree evaluation that shows what your requirements would be if you had a different catalog year. What's a "catalog year"? The catalog year (also known as “catalog term”) refers to the set of official requirements for completing your degree as published in the University Catalog in the term/year you entered Mason. For example, if you started at Mason in Fall 2019, your catalog year is 2019-2020.  If you started at Mason in Spring 2021, your catalog year is 2020-2021. Etc. This is true whether you entered Mason as a freshman or as a transfer student. 

Because degree requirements may change over time in ways that would benefit you, you are allowed to change your catalog year to a later one. In the "What If" mode in your Degree Works degree evaluation, you can enter a later catalog year to see if doing so might make a positive difference.

If you then do wish to change your catalog year, contact your advisor to complete the paperwork, and then submit it to the Mason Student Services Center.