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Rex Wade Publishes 3rd Edition of "The Russian Revolution, 1917"


The Russian Revolution, 1917, by Professor Emeritus Rex A. Wade, was published in its third edition by Cambridge University Press in February 2017. The book presents an essential overview of the revolution from its beginning in February 1917 through the numerous political crises under Kerensky to the victory of Lenin and the Bolsheviks in October and dispersal of the Constituent Assembly in January 1918. The revised and expanded third edition introduces new approaches to the political, social and cultural history of the Revolution, incorporating people and places too often left out of the story, including women, national minority peoples, peasantry, and front soldiers. The third edition has been updated to include new scholarship on the revolution. It is an invaluable guide to one of the most important events of modern history. The book is available on the publisher's website.

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