Would you like to make your Art History degree more marketable or your Arts Management degree more content driven? Consider a dual-master’s degree in the two programs.

Students can apply up to 6 credits of Arts Management to the Art History degree and 9 credits of Art History to the Arts Management degree. (Art History MA requires a total of 30 credits and Arts Management MA requires 36 credits).

The following courses can count toward both programs:

Art History

ARTH 601 Colloquium in Art History

ARTH 594 The Museum

ARTH 699 when taught as “Curating an Exhibition”

Other courses at the discretion of your advisors

Arts Management

AMGT 601 Fund Raising/Development

AMGT 602 Seminar in Arts Management

AMGT 604 Public Relations and Marketing Strategies for the Arts

AMGT 710 Arts Policy

Other courses at the discretion of your advisors


*In both cases courses taken in the second program will count as electives in the first program and cannot replace core requirements.

Students must apply and be accepted to both programs. This process may be done simultaneously, or after partial completion of the first program. Students must complete all the ARTH requirements for the ARTH MA and all the AMGT requirements for the AMGT MA, but the overlap streamlines both degrees by 15 credit hours.

Total degree credit for both programs (30+36) is 66.  With the dual-MA program, you can get the two degrees by taking only 51 credits or 17 courses as opposed to the 22 courses required if done separately.



For more information on the MA in Arts Management see: