Sun-Young Park Publishes "Ideals of the Body"

Sun-Young Park's book is part of the University of Pittsburgh Press’s series on “Culture, Politics and the Built Environment.”

Modern hygienic urbanism originated in the airy boulevards, public parks, and sewer system that transformed the Parisian cityscape in the mid-nineteenth century. Sun-Young Park reveals how anxieties about health and social order, which manifested in emerging ideals of the body, created a uniquely spatial and urban experience of modernity in the postrevolutionary capital, one profoundly impacted by hygiene, mobility, productivity, leisure, spectacle, and technology.

Scholars in the field have offered words of strong praise for the book. Hazel Hahn, a specialist in French history at Seattle University, writes, 'This is a well-researched, captivating, and elegantly written book that makes an important intervention in the considerable--one might even say formidable--historiography of nineteenth-century Paris. Ideals of the Body is urban history that is exciting and often fascinating because of its innovative and creative framework, bringing to bear multidisciplinary approaches drawn from architecture, urban, political, social, and medical history.'