Leslie Mounaime, MA art history '14, is Curator of Exhibitions at the Torpedo Factory

Leslie Mounaime is a graduate of Mason’s MA program in Art History ('14) and is now the Curator of Exhibitions at the Target Gallery in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA. Last year she invited Michele Greet to serve as guest curator/juror for the Mythos exhibition. Dr. Greet says that the artists in this exhibition: “address the concept of myth in truly expansive and creative ways. Many of the works submit-ted for consideration reference Greek and Roman traditions, but others draw on a broader concept of myth, looking to legends from around the world including Persian, Hindu, Christian, Native American, Hawaiian, Norse, Yoruba, Laotian, Celtic, and Chinese cultures. …The works presented here explore the theme of myth in various media, from painting, photography, and sculpture, to mixed media installations. …Across the board, the works collected here look to ancient symbols and stories as metaphors for the struggles of contemporary life, indicating just how relevant myths continue to be in these trying times.”