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Cohen and Scheinfeldt Hack the Academy

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The MPublishing division of the University of Michigan Library has released the open-access version of Hacking the Academy, edited by Dan Cohen, Associate Professor of History and Tom Scheinfeldt, Research Assistant Professor of History. In May 2010, Cohen and Scheinfeldt put out a call for contributions "that would explore how the academy might be beneficially reformed using digital media and technology." Of the 329 submissions they received, they have chosen and edited 34 for this volume. It is currently available online at http://www.digitalculture.org/hacking-the-academy/; Mason professor Mark Sample has generously created ebook versions for the iPad and Kindle, available at http://www.samplereality.com/2011/09/10/hacking-the-academy-the-ebook-volume/. In 2012, the book will be published in print by the University of Michigan Press.
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