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Professor Brennan Wins HASTAC Prize


Research Assistant Professor Sheila Brennan (PhD '10) has been awarded one of the first two University of Michigan Press/HASTAC Digital Humanities Publication Prizes.

As the official announcement explains, Brennan "is working on a hybrid print and digital project entitled Stamping American Memory, investigating how the post office shaped American cultural memory in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century through its commemorative stamp program. “This project addresses a neglected aspect of American cultural history that will appeal not only to academic scholars across disciplines and fields but also the general public, including the dedicated community of philatelists,” Dr. [Julie Thompson] Klein said of Stamping American Memory. “It sits at the intersection of vernacular and official interests, bringing to light the role that historical artifacts play in carrying political messages while simultaneously serving the needs and interests of small groups and individuals.”

Brennan's project is an extension of her Mason doctoral dissertation, completed under the direction of Associate Professor Alison Landsberg. The prize earns Brennan a $5,000 subvention and an advance contract with the UM Press series DigitalHumanities@digitalculturebooks.

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