Mason Faculty and Students to Present at American Historical Association

Mason Faculty and Students to Present at American Historical Association

Faculty and students from the Department of History and Art History are heading to New Orleans for the 127th Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association.

Full details of their presentations--listed below--can be found on meeting website.

Friday, January 4

  • Benjaimin Cowan, "'There's Hope for Homosexuals!': Gay Visibility, the Religious Right, and the Advent of AIDS in Brazil"
  • Royce Gildersleeve, "'We Are an Indian People': Mixed-Race Peoples on Virginia's Eastern Shore'
  • Mills Kelly, "Collecting the History of a Calamity: Why Retail Collecting Works When Wholesale Collecting Doesn't"
  • Tom Scheinfeldt, "Front Lines: Early-Career Scholars Doing Digital History"
  • Rosemarie Zagarri, "George Washington's Anglo-Indian Relatives"

Saturday, January 5

  • Dan Cohen, "Peer Review, History Journals, and the Future of Scholarly Research"
  • Benjaimin Cowan, "'Well, We Certainly Still Flirted': (Un)realities of Moral, Sexual, and Anticommunist Inculcation in Brazil"
  • Lee Ann Ghajar, "Building the Dissertation Digitally"
  • Kurt Knoerl, "The Global Shipwreck" 
  • Sharon Leon, "Research Support Services for History Scholars: A Study of Evolving Research Methods in History"
  • Stephen Scala, "Remembrance and Rupture: Memory As Motor and Mirror of the Socialist-Communist Split in the Interwar Poland"
  • Ammon Shepherd, "Digital History: Tools and Tricks to Learn the New Trade"

Sunday, January 6

  • Benedict Carton, "'The King of Zulus' and His Louisiana Minstrels: The Transnational Dimensions of the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club in New Orleans, 1900–60"
  • Mills Kelly and Sharon Leon, "Teaching Digital Methods for History Graduate Students"
  • Wendi Manuel-Scott (session chair), "New Orleans in the World: Race, Culture and Transnational Identity"