Historians Head to OAH in San Francisco

Historians Head to OAH in San Francisco

Members of the Department of History and Art History will present their work at the annual meeting of the Organization of American Historians, to be held in San Francisco, April 11-14.

Thursday, April 11

* Rosemarie Zagarri, participant, "Globalization and the Nation: Recent Trends in the History of the Early American Republic"

Friday, April 12

* Suzanne Smith, presenter, "The Global Mission of Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux’s Radio Church of God"

Saturday, April 13
* Meredith H. Lair, participant, "The Business of War: Production, Consumption, and
Destruction, 1860–2013"

* Daisy Martin, participant and chair, "Assessing Students’ Historical Thinking: Revisioning and Refashioning History Assessments"

* David K. Wiggins, participant: "Raceball: Shifting Currents in the Historiography of Sports"

Sunday, April 14

* Lois Horton, moderator, "Harriet Tubman: Crossings and Commemoration"