St. Constantine Award for MA Art History Student John Heins

Congratulations are in order for our ARTH grad colleague John Heins.  The latest Order of St. Constantine The Great awards for medieval history were recently announced, and he is the recipient of the top prize, for his 2012 seminar paper "Not At First Glance: Islamic Culture Reflected in Frederick II's Art of Falconry."  His paper came out of our Fall 2012 ARTH 699/HDA 650 research seminar on luxury trades in the medieval Mediterranean.  Second-place awardee was Melissa Derecola for her paper "Sourcing 15th to 16th Century Venetian Glass Decoration."  Third-place awardee was Olivia Gerlt for her paper "Commerce, Conflict and Cooperation: An Overview of Ottoman-Venetian Relations Concerning the Silk Trade."  Congratulations to all.


The Order of St. Constantine The Great is a charitable order of Eastern-rite Catholics who, among other good works, encourage scholarship in medieval history and culture of the Mediterranean world. In recent years they have bestowed annual awards on the best work in fields appropriate to their interests coming out of the George Mason History and Art History graduate programs. The awards come with cash prizes and recognition.  Previous winners of their top prize include ARTH graduate students Raphael Sikkora in 2008 for her paper "Image Breakers: Byzantine and Islamic Iconoclasm in the Mosaics of Hagia Sophia," and Anne Brennan Hardy for her 2010 paper "Border Saints and Border Lords: Three Lives of St. George."  Both papers were published on-line by the Order.