Scholarships for history majors

Apply February 1 - March 15

February 1, 2024, 12:00 AM to March 15, 2024, 5:00 PM EST
Online Location

A number of scholarships are available for history majors and now is the time to apply! The application process varies so please read on for instructions.

Outstanding Public and Digital History Project Award ($500)
Presented for the best digital or public history project by a history major during the previous calendar year (Spring, Summer, and Fall 2023). To apply for this award, you should submit a brief description of the project (about a page in length), as well as any accompanying material to illustrate the work (screen-shots of relevant parts of the project, pictures of the public history exhibit, etc.). In addition to including your name and G number with your submission, please include the name and semester of the course in which the project was completed. Send your submission by email to Dr. Jane Hooper:  and include the name of the award in the subject line of your email. Deadline: March 15, 2024.

For the other scholarships, you may apply through the Academic Works portal; the deadline for these is also March 15, 2024. Scholarship amount information should be available in Academic Works. Please do not apply directly to the department.   We cannot accept these applications directly from students. Below is a summary of the available scholarships. Please note that because these are scholarships, not direct awards, you must be continuing at Mason in Fall 2024 in order to apply

Donald R. Barr Memorial Endowed Scholarship 
To provide scholarships for history majors.

Charles and Polly Webber American History Endowed Scholarship
Established to encourage the study of American History including intellectual and cultural history of the United States, the development of American institutions from the formation of the American Republic, or allied subjects as determined each year. Recipients shall be a student pursuing an undergraduate education but is also a bona fide resident of Northern Virginia and who is actively pursuing a degree in American History; with such award premised upon merit.

Robert K. Hedrick Jr. and Walter F. Huxley Endowed Scholarship
To support student scholarships for those earning a degree in History or Art History, under the following criteria: the recipient may be an in-state or out-of-state resident, be a full-time undergraduate student who must show evidence of satisfactory academic progress, and must apply on a competitive basis factoring in academic merit and demonstrated need for financial assistance without which the individual would find it difficult to attend GMU.

George Mason Memorial Society Endowed Scholarship 
To provide an annual scholarship for an undergrad history major at GMU to supplement tuition costs for the recipient's senior year. Recipients will qualify based on his or her cumulative GPA, academic record within the history major, and the student's program as a reflection of the study of the legacy of George Mason and the nature of human rights in society. The student shall be chosen during his/her junior year and receive the scholarship during his/her senior year.

Gary and Eleanor Shumaker Endowed Scholarship for High School History Instructor/Scholar
To provide undergraduate scholarships for students majoring in History and intend to pursue their graduate work in History at Mason in order to obtain certification as a secondary school social studies teacher. Recipients may be full or part-time students and may be in or out-of-state residents. Recipients will qualify on the basis of academic merit; a minimum GPA of 3.0 is required. Applicants must have 90 completed credits to be considered and must submit a 500-word purpose statement.

Historic City of Fairfax Award (HFCI)
To provide support for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a history degree. Undergraduate applicants must have completed 75 credits; at least 12 of those credits must have been completed at GMU. Graduate applicants must have completed 6 credits at GMU. FT/PT, Residents of Fairfax County or City, and qualify on basis of financial need and academic merit (3.0 GPA). 

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