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Historic Trauma of Native American Boarding Schools

Lecture by T. Carter

Monday, November 8, 2010 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Dewberry Hall

Child Development Speaker Series:  Raising Children in America

Lecture One: America's First Children

November 8, 2010
Johnson Center, Dewberry Hall

Rose Ignacio - Navajo Nation
T. Carter - President GMU Native American Alumni Association, MA, History, 2007

Rose Ignacio is dedicated to  improving the conditions of today’s Native American children and inspiring them to learn about their heritage, language, and culture while living in the 21st Century. During her time with us, Ms. Ignacio will tell her poignant story about growing up on a reservation and her determination  to “build a bridge” for this generation.

T. Carter presents The Historic Trauma of Native American Boarding Schools 

Ms. Carter will discuss the historic trauma created by early Native Americanboarding schools - starting with Carlyle Indian School, Carlyle Pennsylvania - and the lasting impact on generations of Native American children and their families. This moving presentation will include music by Cochise Anderson, a selection from the Steven Spielberg mini-series “Into the West”, and an opportunity for question & answer/discussion.

Working passionately as a researcher and an activist,  Ms. Carter is President of the Native American Alumni Group, at George Mason University

Hosted by Child Development Center.

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