Student Awards: Best Senior Seminar Paper

This award is presented for the best papers in each section of the capstone course HIST 499 - Senior Seminar during the previous calendar year.

All Awardees


  • Julie Camara, <em>The Move toward Independence in Virignia</em> (Rosemarie Zagarri, Spring 2009)
  • Kelly Hadrick, <em>Forum Americanum: Echoes of Roman Fora in the Design and Use of the National Mall</em> (Randolph Lytton, Fall 2009)
  • Thomas Iwasawa, <em>GOOD TREES AND EVIL FRUIT: A Comparison of the Ethical Substructure of the American Eugenics Movement and the Social Gospel</em> (Suzanne Smith, Fall 2009)
  • Monica Johnson, <em>Loving Acceptably: The End of Anti-Miscegenation Laws and the 1960s</em> (Suzanne Smith, Spring 2009)
  • Brian Sullivan, <em>Anglos, Mexicans and Drugs in Southern California</em> (Matthew Karush, Spring 2009)
  • Penny Waite, <em>Statistics of Racial Purity - Progressive Ethos</em> (Michael O'Malley, Fall 2009)
  • Nathan Wallingford, <em>Al-Jabarti's Chronicle and the Ideals of the French Revolution in Egypt</em> (Sean Takats, Fall 2009)


  • Ashanti Bennett
  • Michael Darpino
  • Joseph Horneman
  • Glenda Martin
  • Michael Meadows
  • Amy Morton
  • Katherine Raney


  • Dominic Brown
  • Nicholas Hofmann
  • Keith H. Klepfel
  • Elizabeth Lynch
  • Matthew Swift
  • Andrew Wooddell


  • Christopher Anzalone
  • John Burke
  • Paul Ondiak
  • Paul Ondiak
  • Jessica Oxendine
  • Casey Payne
  • Brian Reddan
  • Francisco Reyes
  • Mary Shafer