Graduate Student Forms

To graduate faculty members:

Students are advised that in order to maintain the circulation of important forms and documents, it will be the student's responsibility to fill out and distribute all forms in order to gain faculty signatures and deliver the completed form to the PhD director and coordinator.  

(The only exception to this policy is for the minor field exam grading forms that are originated by the faculty readers). 


Note on Signatures: 

Faculty members and students may use electronic signatures by sharing an Adobe pdf version of forms. For ink signatures, scanners are located in the department and via all campus Canon printing machines. For electronic signatures, Adobe Acrobat is available via all Mason computers and is also accessible via the Citrix Virtual Mason computer desktop. Please use the script text font "Fill & Sign" tool to type your name and sign all academic forms (rather than digital id signature).


Please be advised

If you sign any form using the digital id signature tool, 

the pdf will be locked and will need to be recreated 

without the digital id. 



All important forms for graduate faculty are located in the right content block. The only registration form is an individual section request for sections that faculty agree to supervise for an individual student. Please sign the form to confirm your consent to add the student, course and credit amount to your official teaching roster for the appropriate semester. 


If you cannot provide an ink or electronic signature, please submit the form as a faculty member directly to the graduate coordinator via email and provide your verbal, written consent to the form in your email message. 


The grading forms include the minor field written exam evaluation form and major field oral exam evaluation form. Finally, the incomplete grade contract is to be used by faculty who issue a grade of (IN) "incomplete" for any given semester course. As the instructor of record, please complete the contract form, sign and share with the student so that they may sign it as well. Finally, please share the contract pdf with the graduate coordinator via email.