2021 Finalists

Finalists for the best paper from all sections of the capstone course, History 499: Senior Seminar during the previous calendar year. 


Jeb Baxter
Dr. Christopher Hamner, spring 2020
“Judging the Cover”: Portrayal of “the Other” in the Golden Age of Timely Comics, 1939-1945


Channing Freeman
Dr. Laura Moore, spring 2020
“We Are the Light. Nobody Can Put Us Out”: Radical Feminists Fight Back Against the New Right in the 1980s Abortion Debate


Alice Farinhas
Dr. Gabrielle Tayac, fall 2020
Forgotten Voices: Native American Women in the Suffrage Movement


Emma Lyons
Dr. George Oberle, fall 2020
John Adams and George Mason: Northern and Southern Revolutionaries on Slavery


Colin Pendergast
Dr. Rosemary Zagarri, fall 2020
The Contagion of Rebellion: The Haitian Revolution and Its Influence on Elites in Post-Revolutionary Virginia