BA in Art History

Marta Staudinger, 2009

Marta Staudinger

So what are you up to now professionally?

I balance multiple art-related projects, mainly: curating special exhibitions, sourcing art for residential and commercial clients, advising artists on business growth, creating/exhibiting my own art, and lecturing as an art historian for the Smithsonian in Europe a few times a year.

How do you think your art history major at Mason prepared you for your career?

The professors were a huge element to my success in landing internships and getting into a graduate program to build my experience. Their regular advice in particular helped me realize that I wasn't a traditional-track academic and find the confidence to look into exploring my own avenues.

Why did you choose art history as a major in the first place?

Art history called me before I knew what it was. The idea of “renaissance” always intrigued me because, as a multi-potentialite, I felt “renaissance woman” explained who I was growing into. It only made sense to learn more about the Renaissance period so while majoring in a different field, and out of pure need to do something new and explore, I signed up for two art history courses in one semester: Art of the High Renaissance and ARTH 101: Intro to the Visual Arts. After that semester, I switched majors to art history and never stopped diving deeper.