BA in Art History

Emily Daniel, 2015

Emily Daniel

So what are you up to now professionally?

I am currently a personal property appraiser at Green Donation Consultants. I work with a dynamic team of accredited appraisers to research and create appraisals for non-cash charitable donations. I utilize my talents and skills to identify, research and report the fair market value of the personal property for our clients. My technical knowledge and experiences allow me to appraise Italian marble mantels, French bronze sculptures, Turkish rugs, Kitchen cabinetry, and reclaimed lumber, just to name a few materials I work with daily. I have worked for a variety of distinguished institutes in the Washington D.C. area including George Washington's Mount Vernon, Smithsonian Libraries, The Textile Museum, U.S. Department of State, and a Northern Virginia auction house. In positions ranging from curatorial assistant to collections management to cataloger, I have been fortunate to have the privilege of pursuing my passion and interfacing with history and current objects of people's collections. 

How do you think your art history major at Mason prepared you for your career?

My art history courses provided the foundation for my career and passion for knowledge of art objects.  The courses I completed as an undergraduate taught me to look at the world around me differently. Others will see a house, but I view the architectural details in the pediments, dentils, and metopes and remember how Greco-Roman design has been repeated throughout history. A floral still life on the wall of a restaurant reminds me of the Dutch Golden Age and their utilization of perspective and light to create a photo-realistic image in a time before cameras. My art history major taught me to learn from the pages of a textbook and how to apply it to the world around me to share the beauty and incredible details still influencing design and art objects today. 

Why did you choose art history as a major in the first place?

My first year at George Mason was in the fall of 2011, as a history major. I have always loved and discovered joy in learning about the past. When I completed two 100-level art history classes during my first semester, it was to determine if I would be interested in minoring in art history.  By the end of my first semester in, I signed up to double major in both history and art history. Art history to me represents the telling of our past through objects, a visual and tactile timeline to the past.