History and Art History
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Advising in History and Art History


Please see your advisor’s faculty webpage for location and office hours. Before you see an advisor, print out and bring a copy of your degree evaluation from Patriot Web.

History Majors and Minors

Your advisor is assigned by the first letter of your last name and by program, as follows:

A-D: Dr. Jane Hooper, jhooper3@gmu.edu [For Spring 2017, Dr. Hooper's advisees see Dr. Collins (below)]

E-J, all minors, ROTC cadets, & students who began at Mason before Fall 2012 (i.e., those using CAPP instead of DegreeWorks): Dr. Jennifer Ritterhouse, jritterh@gmu.edu [For Spring 2017, Dr. Ritterhouse's advisees see Dr. Joan Bristol, jbristol@gmu.edu]

K-Q: Dr. Benjamin Cowan, bcowan2@gmu.edu [For Spring 2017, Dr. Cowan's advisees see Dr. Bristol (above)]

R-Z: Dr. Samuel Collins, scolline@gmu.edu

Art History Majors and Minors

Dr. Lawrence Butler, lbutler@gmu.edu

Undergraduate, General Questions

All undergraduate majors and minors with questions regarding transfer credit re-evaluations, study abroad or study elsewhere, credit overloads, return from suspension, or substitutions for requirements should contact Carrie Grabo, Undergraduate Coordinator, Robinson B361, 703-993-1249, cgrabo1@gmu.edu; she will make sure your request gets to the right person. She is also available for general advising and, along with Prof. Bristol (History) and Prof. Butler (Art History), advises prospective majors and minors.


To schedule a graduate advising appointment, please contact the advisor directly. 

Students seeking graduate advising may meet with the Director of their program or Graduate Coordinator, Nicole Roth, nroth@gmu.edu for MA Art History, MA History or PhD History advising. 

MA History

Dr. Zachary Schrag, zschrag@gmu.edu

PhD History

Dr. Cynthia Kierner, ckierner@gmu.edu

MA Art History

Dr. Robert DeCaroli, rdecarol@gmu.edu

MA History of Decorative Arts

Dr. Angela George, ageorge7@gmu.edu

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