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HIST 125: Introduction to World History

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HIST 125-002:
Introduction to World History  —  Gail Hook

01:30 PM to 02:45 PM TR —  Art & Design Building 2003

This course examines the history and interaction of the major world societies. We begin with a brief overview of prehistoric peoples, and migration and settlement patterns. We will also discuss empire building, religion, culture, and trade as they contribute to exchange of ideas between these groups through the classical and medieval periods. Finally, we will discuss these regions in the context of the early modern and modern periods, ending with the processes of globalization in the late twentieth- and early twenty-first centuries.

Satisfies the general education requirement in Western civilization/world history.

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Credits: 3

Analytical approach to world history overview that surveys major features of principal existing civilizations of world, as originally formed and as altered by key global processes including forces of modernity.

Satisfies General Education requirement for western civilization/world history..

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