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HIST 300: Introduction to Historical Method

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HIST 300-008:
Sexuality in 20th Century America

07:20 PM to 10:00 PM T —  Krug Hall 253

HIST 300 is about doing history. To that end, we will be asking the following questions as we conduct our investigations: **What are the FACTS of America's sexual history? What do we know about sex in the past? **How do historians INTERPRET what they know about Americans' sexual behavior? How do they construct their arguments and advance their claims? How do we evaluate those claims? **What kind of TOOLS do historians use to prove their arguments? Are some kinds of evidence better than others? How do historians approach their sources, especially when dealing with a sensitive, personal topic like sex and sexuality?

Satisfies the general education requirement in synthesis.

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Credits: 3

Introduces research skills and methods, as well as historical interpretation, culminating in written and oral presentations.

Satisfies General Education requirement for synthesis..


History majors with 30 credits or permission of instructor.


Topics vary according to instructor. History majors strongly urged to take HIST 300 early in their program of upper-level courses. Grade of C or better is required to graduate with BA in history.

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