The choice to study with George Mason University brings you closer to the field than ever. With faculty research comes an array of knowledge spanning from Ancient to Modern art history. You can find our faculty curating exhibits, teaching abroad, and working on site to safely uncover the world’s treasures. Their experience will translate into your knowledge and understanding of the concepts and practices that are essential in the field today. By entering the Mason MA Art History program, knowledge is within your reach: come and take it.

Your peers are currently taking advantage of the region and its offerings. Interns working at local galleries, the National Gallery of Art, National Museum of American History, and others are gaining experience daily. Over the summer we have had students study abroad, taking opportunities to work on excavation sites in Bulgaria and digs in Spain. If you are interested in taking an internship keep an eye on your e-mail for opportunities. You can look to the section on the left for more information about setting up an internship for credit with the Internship Director.

As a student in the MA Art History program, you’ll find it necessary to refer back to this page from time to time. Please remember that you are not alone. There are a number of ways for you to be advised during your time with the program. If you have any questions, make sure to start with the Graduate Office in the department. The administrator there will assist you in arranging the proper paperwork to monitor your progress and file documents with the Registrar’s Office in a timely fashion. To help you track your progress during your time here, use the Program of Study to guide you. There are several required courses and examinations in the program that you won’t want to miss. The quick guides on the left will walk you through the ins and outs of exams.

Your job as a student is to learn as much as you can in your relatively short time here. Our job is to give it to you. Take this opportunity to ask every question you have--our faculty are ready to answer.