Dual Masters in Art History and Arts Management

Starting in Fall 2015, a dual Masters program is available to current students in the Art History MA. Students wishing to combine their passion for Art History, with the practical skills in managing arts venues should consider this option early in their graduate career. The coursework involved allows you to apply 6 credits of Arts Management to your Art History degree.

The qualifying MA Art History courses that can count toward both programs are as follows:

ARTH 601 Colloquium in Art History

ARTH 594 The Museum

ARTH 699 “Curating an Exhibition”

Other courses in consultation with your advisor


The qualifying Arts Management courses to be applied toward both programs are:

AMGT 601 Fundraising/Development

AMGT 602 Seminar in Arts Management

AMGT 604 Public Relations and Marketing Strategies for the Arts

AMGT 710 Arts Policy

Other courses in consultation with your advisor


In both cases courses taken in the second program will count as electives in the first program and cannot replace core requirements.

Combining the two programs will take your 30 credits MA Art History requirement and pair it with the 36 credit MA Arts Management program--66 credits total. Taking the Dual MA track allows you to reduce the number of total credit hours to 51 allowing you to enter the field sooner with the skills and experience stemming from two complementary degrees. 

If you are interested in pursuing this option, it is best to make an appointment with the Graduate Director as soon as possible to prepare your application and supporting materials.