Mark David Harnitchek

Mark David Harnitchek

Mark David Harnitchek

U.S. History: American Colonial Period, the American Revolution, the Early Republic

Selected Publications

"Task Force Report on Survivable Logistics" The Defense Science Board. November 2019.

"Weapons System Sustainment Planning Early in the Development Life Cycle"  The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. 2020.


BA -- Pennsylvania State University, 1977

MS -- Naval Postgraduate School, 1987

MA -- George Mason University, 2022

In the Media

"Military Plans New Supply Lines Into Afghanistan" National Public Radio. December 12, 2008.

"In Afghanistan, Fighting The Battle Of Logistics." National Public Radio. December 18, 2009.

"U.S. Now Relies On Alternate Afghan Supply Routes," National Public Radio.  September 16, 2011.