• Hernan Nelson S Hernán Adasme Herrera

    Hernan Nelson S Hernán Adasme Herrera

    Graduate Research Assistant

    World History: Latin America, Digital History, Sports History, Labor History.

  • Courtney M Algazi

    Courtney M Algazi

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    U.S. History: Nineteenth-Century South; Slavery and Emancipation; Race and Citizenship

  • James Ambuske

    James Ambuske

    U.S. History: Era of the American Revolution; the British Atlantic World; Scotland and the Scottish Atlantic; Transatlantic Law; Digital History; Podcasting

  • Myrtle Liz Andrews

    Myrtle Liz Andrews

    Adjunct Faculty

    American Studies, art/media, biopolitics, difference/otherness, performance studies, social movements, visual culture

  • Christopher Anzalone

    Christopher Anzalone

    Adjunct Faculty

    World History: Islamic History, Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Political History, Religious History, Social Movements

  • Maira Arantes Rodrigues

    Maira Arantes Rodrigues

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Latin America, globalization, digital history, immigration, cultural and political history

  • David G. Armstrong

    David G. Armstrong

    Graduate Research Assistant

    U.S. History: Early America, Public History, Digital History


  • Donna K Baker
  • Shaul Bakhash

    Shaul Bakhash

    Robinson Professor

    World History: Iran, modern Middle East, modern Islamic political thought

  • Steve Barnes

    Steve Barnes

    Associate Professor

    European History: History of modern Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Soviet Union, history of Gulag, history of concentration camps, history of totalitarianism

  • Lisa Passaglia Bauman

    Lisa Passaglia Bauman


    Art History

  • Gretchen E Beasley

    Gretchen E Beasley

    Adjunct Faculty

  • LaNitra M Berger

    LaNitra M Berger

    Associate Professor

    Art History: Art of the African Diaspora, African-American art history, South African modern art, Intersections of the African and Jewish Diasporas, lynching photography, art and social activism, African and African American Studies, social justice and international education, women artists, racial injustice and public monuments and memorials

  • Mary Jo Binker

    Mary Jo Binker

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History

  • Zayna N Bizri

    Zayna N Bizri

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History: US Military and Gender History Military femininity and masculinity; citizenship

  • Johanna Bockman

    Johanna Bockman

    Affiliate Faculty (Global Affairs)

    Associate Professor

    Globalization, neoliberalism, economic sociology, Eastern Europe, socialism and postsocialism, gentrification, Washington, DC

  • Matthew Robert Bowling
  • Janelle L Bradford
  • Benjamin Brands

    Benjamin Brands

    U.S. Army, Professional Military Education, Professionalization, American Civil War

  • Jordan F Bratt

    Jordan F Bratt

    U.S. History: 19th century religious history, mormon history, digital history

  • Joan C. Bristol

    Joan C. Bristol

    Associate Professor

    World History: Latin America, African Diaspora, history of commodities

  • Justin M. Broubalow

    Justin M. Broubalow

    Graduate Lecturer

    U.S. History: 20th century, policy history, foreign affairs, immigration, state development

  • Brandan P Buck

    Brandan P Buck

    Graduate Research Assistant

    U.S. History: 20th-century U.S. political and diplomatic history, U.S.-Afghan relations, digital history, the security state, the American Right, anti-imperialism, and noninterventionism.

  • Bridget Bukovich
  • Lea Burgess

    Lea Burgess

    Graduate Coordinator

  • Clarke Bursley

    Clarke Bursley

    World History: Modern Japan in a global context, U.S. foreign relations, military history, national security state, propaganda


  • Alan Philip Capps

    Alan Philip Capps

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Kenneth S Capps

    Kenneth S Capps

    U.S. History: Military History with a specific focus on comic books published during the Vietnam era that reflect the collective memory and cultural significance of World War II.

  • Robert Carlock

    Robert Carlock

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    U.S. History: Digital History, Student Activism, Vietnam War, Social Movements, 20th Century US, Midwestern History

  • Jack R. Censer

    Jack R. Censer

    Emeritus Faculty

    European History: French, European social

  • Jane Turner Censer

    Jane Turner Censer

    Emeritus Faculty

    U.S. History: 19th century U.S.; American South; women, gender, and family in the U.S.

  • Anne Champlin

    Anne Champlin

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Michael G. Chang

    Michael G. Chang

    Associate Professor

    World History: political, social, cultural and economic histories of late imperial/early modern China (1500-1800); ethnicity; state-formation; court studies

  • Charles Chavis

    Charles Chavis

    Assistant Professor

  • Gail Coleman
  • Samuel Collins

    Samuel Collins

    Associate Professor

    European History: Early medieval, religion

  • Shana Bushyhead Condill

    Shana Bushyhead Condill

    U.S. History: Native history, public history, and museum studies

  • Dina M. Copelman

    Dina M. Copelman

    Emeritus Faculty

    European History: Modern British, European women, European social

  • Spencer Crew

    Spencer Crew

    Robinson Professor

    U.S. History

  • Sherry Djo Crissman
  • Laura Crossley

    Laura Crossley

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    U.S. History: Indigenous histories, Gilded Age and Progressive Era, world's fairs, digital history, public history


  • Jessica Dauterive

    Jessica Dauterive

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    U.S. History: Cultural History, Digital History, Public History

  • Nicole De Armendi

    Nicole De Armendi

    Assistant Professor

  • Robert D. DeCaroli

    Robert D. DeCaroli

    Director of the MA Program in Art History


    Art History: Interactions of early South Asian Buddhism with popular religious practice, the origin of the Buddha image and the social, political, religious factors that led to its codification and spread

  • Daniel Cameron DeSelm

    Daniel Cameron DeSelm

    Adjunct Faculty

    European History

  • Anne Dobberteen

    Anne Dobberteen

    Graduate Research Assistant

    U.S. History: Social and Cultural History of Aviation & Air defense on the WWII Home Front; Visual Culture; Military History; Women’s History; History of Washington, D.C.; Public History

  • Spencer Duncan

    Spencer Duncan

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    World History: Premodern Muslim World, Medieval Spain, and the Crusades


  • Christopher C Elzey

    Christopher C Elzey

    Director, Sport and American Culture minor

    U.S. History: History of basketball; sport and ethnicity; Olympics; sport and race; sport and scandal; sport and film

  • Mika Endo

    Mika Endo

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History: Virginia History, American Indian History, 20th Century U.S., and Museum Studies


  • John Edward Fahey

    John Edward Fahey

    Adjunct Faculty

    Austria-Hungary, Germany, World War I and II, Naval History, urban history

  • Cassandra B Farrell
  • Larrie D. Ferreiro

    Larrie D. Ferreiro

    Adjunct Faculty

    World History: History of Engineering; History of Science; History of Technology; Naval history; Military history; History of the American Revolution; History of the Scientific Revolution; Latin American history; Naval architecture; Naval ship design; Defense acquisition; Systems engineering; Complex systems management

  • Georgia A Ferrell
  • Sheila ffolliott

    Sheila ffolliott

    Emeritus Faculty

    Art History

  • Kelley Denton Fincher

    Kelley Denton Fincher

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    U.S. History: U.S. History, history of the American home, household technology, gender and work

  • Wes Fleming

    Wes Fleming

    Adjunct Faculty

    European History

  • Robin Foster

    Robin Foster

    Adjunct Faculty

    World History: Urban history; material culture studies; historic preservation

  • Laura Brannan Fretwell

    Laura Brannan Fretwell

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    U.S. History: gender and race; space and place; memory and commemoration; Southern institutions; public and digital history


  • Marcel Garbos

    Marcel Garbos

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Heidi Catherine Gearhart

    Heidi Catherine Gearhart

    Associate Professor

    Art History: Art History: medieval European art; medieval art theory; craft and manufacture; museum histories

  • C Joseph Genetin-Pilawa

    C Joseph Genetin-Pilawa

    Associate Professor

    U.S. History: 19th-Century, Indigenous Histories, Public History, Washington D.C.

  • David J. Gerleman

    David J. Gerleman

    Adjunct Faculty

    World History: 19th Century, U.S. Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Animal History, and National Archives Research Methods

  • Benjamin W. Goossen

    Benjamin W. Goossen

    Assistant Professor

    Environmental History, Global and International History, Modern European History, History of Science and Technology

  • Atta Gould
  • Carrie Grabo

    Carrie Grabo

    Undergraduate Coordinator

  • Paula Fielding Green
  • Caroline Stuart Greer

    Caroline Stuart Greer

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Michele Greet

    Michele Greet

    Director, Art History Program


    Art History: Twentieth-century Andean art, Latin American artists in Europe

  • James Greevy
  • Chris A. Gregg

    Chris A. Gregg


    Art History: Topography and urbanism of Ancient Rome and Pompeii; gender and sexuality in the Classical world; Roman imperial sculpture

  • Rita Guenther

    Rita Guenther

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Sumaiya A. Hamdani

    Sumaiya A. Hamdani

    Associate Professor

    World History: Islamic history, Middle East, Women's Studies, Global history

  • Janet K Hammond

    Janet K Hammond

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Early Modern Europe, Digital History, Public History

  • Christopher H. Hamner

    Christopher H. Hamner

    Associate Professor

    U.S. History: War and American society, the individual experience of combat, technological change and warfare

  • Richard L Hardesty

    Richard L Hardesty

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History

  • Mark David Harnitchek

    Mark David Harnitchek

    U.S. History: American Colonial Period, the American Revolution, the Early Republic

  • Pearl Harris-Scott

    Pearl Harris-Scott

    World History: East Asia, Sub-saharan Africa, Empire and Gender in the 19th and 20th centuries

  • Steve A. Harris-Scott

    Steve A. Harris-Scott

    Affiliate Faculty (INTO Mason)


    U.S. History: Research: Colonial Virginia, Early Modern Atlantic World, bound/unfree labor (slavery, indentured servitude, apprenticeship), environmental history and history of diseases/pandemics

  • Caitlin Hartweave

    Caitlin Hartweave

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    U.S. History: Gender and gender-non-conformity in the 18th century Atlantic world

  • Pete Henriques

    Pete Henriques

    Emeritus Faculty

  • Jason Heppler

    Jason Heppler

    U.S. History: 20th century US; environmental history; history of capitalism; digital history

  • Katharina Hering

    Katharina Hering

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History: Digital History, Oral History, Historiography, Archives and Libraries

  • Angela Ho

    Angela Ho

    Director of Undergraduate Art History Programs

    Associate Professor

    Art History: Renaissance and Baroque Europe

  • Shu-Tyng J Hoffer
  • Mack P. Holt

    Mack P. Holt

    Emeritus Faculty

    European History: Early modern Europe, especially France, the Reformation, the history of wine, the history of the book

  • Gail Dallas Hook

    Gail Dallas Hook

    Assistant Professor

    World History: British Empire; modern Mediterranean; history of Cyprus

  • Jane Hooper

    Jane Hooper

    Director of Undergraduate History Programs


    World History: Global and world history; Indian Ocean history; History of Madagascar; history of slavery and slave trade

  • Marissa E. Hoover

    Marissa E. Hoover

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Daniel T Howlett

    Daniel T Howlett

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    U.S. History: Early America, Disability History, Religious History, Digital History

  • Janine Hubai

    Janine Hubai

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    U.S. History: U.S History, Digital History, Race Relations, American Indian History, Military History, Civil-Military Relations, Public History

  • Sheri Ann Huerta

    Sheri Ann Huerta

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History: African American history, U.S. South; Enslavement and Freedom; World History; Legal History; Gender and Identity; Transatlantic World; History, Memory, and the Public

  • Samuel Clowes Huneke

    Samuel Clowes Huneke

    Associate Professor

    European History: Modern Europe, Modern Germany, History of Sexuality, Legal History, History of Democracy

  • Tiffany Hunt

    Tiffany Hunt

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Benjamin Hurwitz

    Benjamin Hurwitz

    Adjunct Faculty

    Agricultural History, Transnational History, History of South Africa



  • Matthew B. Karush

    Matthew B. Karush



    World History: Modern Latin American history: twentieth-century Argentina, cultural history

  • Mills Kelly

    Mills Kelly


    U.S. History: Digital humanities, public digital history, historical pedagogy, Appalachian Studies, modern East Central Europe, Environmental history

  • Cynthia A. Kierner

    Cynthia A. Kierner


    U.S. History: Colonial and revolutionary America; early republic; Old South; women and gender; disasters in history

  • Timmia J King

    Timmia J King

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Jeremy R. Kinney

    Jeremy R. Kinney

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History: Aerospace history and the history of technology

  • Jayme Kurland

    Jayme Kurland

    Graduate Research Assistant

    U.S. History: Musical Instrument History (organology), Women and Labor History, Cultural History


  • Meredith H. Lair

    Meredith H. Lair

    Associate Professor

    U.S. History: 20th-century US, the Vietnam War, war and American society, veterans, collective memory, consumerism, militarism

  • Alison Landsberg

    Alison Landsberg

    Director, Center for Humanities Research


    U.S. History: the politics of memory, affective engagements with the past, political subjectivity, visual culture, the Frankfurt School, race in mass culture, politics of aesthetics

  • Alison R Langford
  • Daniele Lauro

    Daniele Lauro

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Sam Lebovic

    Sam Lebovic


    U.S. History: 20th century culture and politics; democracy; constitutional history; civil liberties; foreign relations; national security; political institutions and political economy; media history; cultural globalization.

  • Hannah LeComte

    Hannah LeComte

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    U.S. History: Women and Gender, Girlhood, Public History, Oral History

  • John R. Legg

    John R. Legg

    Graduate Research Assistant

    U.S. History: Native American History, Digital and Public History, Spatial History, Refugee Studies

  • Jessica H Legnini

    Jessica H Legnini

    Adjunct Faculty

    Nineteenth-century popular culture and entertainment.

  • Randolph H. Lytton

    Randolph H. Lytton

    Emeritus Faculty

    European History: Classical Greece and Rome


  • Amanda G Madden

    Amanda G Madden

    Assistant Professor

    European History: Digital History, Spatial History. Renaissance and Early Modern Italy, Social History, History of Crime and Violence, Women and Gender, Pedagogy

  • Hayley Madl

    Hayley Madl

    Graduate Research Assistant

    North American Indigenous History, Community Engaged Indigenous History, Digital History, Digital Reconstruction and Memory

  • Wendi N. Manuel-Scott

    Wendi N. Manuel-Scott

    Affiliate Faculty (School of Integrative Studies)


    Race, gender, the African American experience, and the history of black women in the Atlantic World

  • David William Marsich

    David William Marsich

    U.S. History: Early America, American religious history, political and cultural history

  • Charles Kevin Matthews

    Charles Kevin Matthews

    Assistant Professor

    European History: Britain, Ireland, 19th and 20th century Europe, Anglo-American relations

  • Carol C. Mattusch

    Carol C. Mattusch

    Mathy Professor of Art History

    Art History: Classical art and archaeology, rediscovery of antiquity

  • Caitlin McGeever

    Caitlin McGeever

    Graduate Research Assistant

    U.S. History: Religious history, gender and family, slavery, Early America and the Atlantic World

  • Kathy McGill

    Kathy McGill

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History: Early American history, with particular interest in Atlantic history, identity, and travel literature

  • Stamatina McGrath

    Stamatina McGrath

    Adjunct Faculty

    European History: Byzantium, Crusades, social history, historiography

  • Heather M McGuire

    Heather M McGuire

    Associate Professor

    Art History

  • Douglas McRae

    Douglas McRae

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    World History: Latin America, Brazil, environmental history, urban history, digital history

  • Brian D. Medley

    Brian D. Medley

    U.S. History: Navassa Island and the guano empire (yes, those are things). Broad interests include the long nineteenth-century; expansion and empire; national security.

  • Alexandra Miller

    Alexandra Miller

    Graduate Research Assistant

    U.S. History: Spatial History, Environmental History, Urban Studies, Gender, Race, US Progressive Era, Modern Europe

  • Laura Moore

    Laura Moore

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History

  • Luz Adriana Mueller

    Luz Adriana Mueller

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Lincoln A. Mullen

    Lincoln A. Mullen


    U.S. History: American religious history, digital history, 19th-century U.S. history

  • Deepthi Murali

    Deepthi Murali

    Assistant Professor

    Art History: Art History of South Asia; Digital History



  • Michael O'Malley

    Michael O'Malley


    U.S. History: 19th and 20th century US, cultural history, history of technology

  • Colleen O'Reilly

    Colleen O'Reilly

    Adjunct Faculty

  • George Oberle

    George Oberle

    Associate Professor

    U.S. History: Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century American History, History of Education and Knowledge Institutions, Civil Societies, History of Science and Technology, George Mason and the Mason family, and the Old South

  • Andrea Lynn Odiorne

    Andrea Lynn Odiorne

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • John R. Orens

    John R. Orens


    European History

  • Jessica Marie Otis

    Jessica Marie Otis

    Assistant Professor

    European History: British history, early modern history, history of science and mathematics, digital history


  • Sun-Young Park

    Sun-Young Park

    Associate Professor

    European History: 19th-century Europe, modern France, architectural and urban history, history of medicine, cultural historiography and methods

  • Jeanette Patrick
  • Amber Pelham

    Amber Pelham

    Graduate Research Assistant

    U.S. History: Public and Digital History; Local and Community History; Migration; Labor History

  • Chester Pelsang

    Chester Pelsang

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    U.S. History: Colonial and Revolutionary America, British Caribbean, Oceanic Empires, Public and Digital history

  • Nicole Penn

    Nicole Penn

    U.S. History: Religion, Gender, Politics, Military History

  • Paula Petrik

    Paula Petrik

    Emeritus Faculty

    U.S. History: 19th century U.S. social, trans-Mississippi West, business and economic history

  • Christy L Pichichero

    Christy L Pichichero

    Associate Professor

    Early Modern, Enlightenment, Revolutionary History, Literature, Art, & Music of the French Empire; Theories, Histories, and Practices of African Diaspora; Slavery & its Afterlives; War & Culture; Critical Race & Mixed-Race Studies; Gender & Sexuality; Human Rights & Social Justice; Theater; Film; Digital Humanities; Medical History; History of Emotion; Women’s Writing & History; History of News & Information Networks; Critical Pedagogy; Inclusive Pedagogy & Curricular Design; Student/Faculty Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Wellbeing; Faculty, Graduate, Undergraduate Recruitment, Retention, & Mentoring; Academic and Community Activism, Academe & Politics.

  • Brian W. Platt

    Brian W. Platt

    Director, Digital Public Humanities Graduate Certificate Program

    Associate Professor

    World History: Japan, East Asia

  • Gerald Prout

    Gerald Prout

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History: Political recognition of reform movements



  • Noreen Sait

    Noreen Sait

    U.S. History: 19th Century History, Labor History, 19th Century American West, Military History

  • Benjamin M. Schneider

    Benjamin M. Schneider

    Graduate Lecturer

    20th Century U.S. History, U.S. and the World, Military History, War Crimes, The World Wars, Imperial Japan

  • Zachary Schrag

    Zachary Schrag


    U.S. History: US history, urban history, history of technology, public policy, research methods.

  • Kelly Schrum

    Kelly Schrum

    Affiliate Faculty (Higher Education Program)


    scholarship of teaching and learning, history of higher education, online learning, scholarly digital storytelling, digital humanities

  • Vanessa Meikle Schulman

    Vanessa Meikle Schulman

    Associate Professor

    Art History: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century visual culture of the United States; periodical studies; history of technology

  • Susan E. Schulze

    Susan E. Schulze

    Associate Professor

    European History

  • Savannah Scott

    Savannah Scott

    Graduate Research Assistant

    U.S. History: 20th century U.S. history, digital history, women's history

  • Randolph Scully

    Randolph Scully

    Associate Professor

    U.S. History: colonial and revolutionary America, race, gender, religion, Southern history, Virginia history

  • Tom Seabrook

    Tom Seabrook

    Graduate Research Assistant

    U.S. History: My interests include memory, technology (especially the built environment), and local history.

  • Eric Setzekorn

    Eric Setzekorn

    Adjunct Faculty

    World History: Chinese History, Military History, the Cold War

  • John Sheehan
  • Stephanie Sheridan

    Stephanie Sheridan

    Visual Resources Curator

    Art History

  • Nate Sleeter

    Nate Sleeter

    Research Assistant Professor

    U.S. History: Gifted children, cultural history, teaching and learning, digital

  • Suzanne E. Smith

    Suzanne E. Smith

    Director of the PhD Program


    U.S. History: African American, 20th century Cultural History, History of Death in America, American Popular Music, African American Religious History

  • John Harold Sprinkle, Jr.

    John Harold Sprinkle, Jr.

    Adjunct Faculty

    U.S. History: American history, historic preservation, National Park Service, historical archaeology

  • Vadim Staklo

    Vadim Staklo

    Associate Professor

    European History: Digital Archives, Latin American History, Russian/Soviet History, Communism in Latin America

  • Peter N. Stearns

    Peter N. Stearns

    Distinguished University Professor

    World History: Modern European and American and comparative social history, history of emotions, world history

  • Tom G Stickney

    Tom G Stickney

    U.S. History: Military History, US Army History

  • Kristofer Stinson

    Kristofer Stinson

    Graduate Research Assistant

    U.S. History: Early American history; American religious history; intellectual culture; antiquity; reception

  • Nona Martin Storr

    Nona Martin Storr

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Allison Stowers

    Allison Stowers

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    U.S. History


  • Brandon Tachco

    Brandon Tachco

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    World History: Maritime History, Environmental History, Modern Europe, Modern Southeast Asia, United States and the World, Comparative Colonialism and Empire, Company-State and Business Imperialism, Public History

  • Gabrielle A Tayac

    Gabrielle A Tayac

    Associate Professor

  • Kevin Tervala

    Kevin Tervala

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Liz Timbs

    Liz Timbs

    Adjunct Faculty

    World History

  • Ellen Wiley Todd

    Ellen Wiley Todd

    Emeritus Faculty

    Art History: American art history

  • Tony Viet Trinh
  • John Turner

    John Turner


    American Religion; Mormonism; History of Colonial New England

  • Saskia Turpijn

    Saskia Turpijn

    Adjunct Faculty

    Art History



  • Rex A. Wade

    Rex A. Wade

    Emeritus Faculty

    European History: Russian and Soviet history, the Russian revolution

  • LaQuanda Walters Cooper

    LaQuanda Walters Cooper

    U.S. History: Black public history, digital studies, history/social studies education, history of educational institutions

  • Theodore L Warren
  • Douglas Whalin

    Douglas Whalin

    Adjunct Faculty

    World History: Late Antique and Medieval Mediterranean, Byzantium, cultural and social identities

  • Andrew W White

    Andrew W White

    Adjunct Faculty

    European History: Late Antiquity, Byzantine Studies, Greek Cultural History

  • Rachel Anne Whyte

    Rachel Anne Whyte

    Graduate Research Assistant

    U.S. History: Indigenous History, Public and Digital History, Museum Studies

  • David K Wiggins

    David K Wiggins

    Emeritus Faculty

    history of African American participation in sport, sport biography, race and ethnic issues in contemporary sport

  • Ashleigh N Williams

    Ashleigh N Williams

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    European History: Modern Europe; Military History and Societies; Race, Gender, and Non-conforming Sexualities

  • Jacquelyn Williamson

    Jacquelyn Williamson

    Associate Professor

    Art History: Ancient Egypt, The Amarna Period, Gender and Women's Studies, Religion, Archaeology

  • Laura McCloskey Wolfe

    Laura McCloskey Wolfe

    Graduate Lecturer

    Art History: Irish history and art history

  • Susan Woods

    Susan Woods

    Office Manager


  • Huseyin Yilmaz

    Huseyin Yilmaz

    Associate Professor

    World History: Ottoman History; Middle East; Early Modern Political Thought; Translation and Transmission of Knowledge


  • Rosemarie Zagarri

    Rosemarie Zagarri

    Distinguished University Professor

    U.S. History: Early American history (colonial-1820s); Early American women; 18th-century transatlantic history and global history