PhD Student Bios



  • Benjamin Brands

    Benjamin Brands

    U.S. Army, Professional Military Education, Professionalization, American Civil War

  • Jordan F Bratt

    Jordan F Bratt

    U.S. History: 19th century religious history, mormon history, digital history

  • Megan R Brett

    Megan R Brett

    U.S. History: Early America, family strategies, family history

  • Justin M. Broubalow

    Justin M. Broubalow

    U.S. History: 20th century, policy history, foreign affairs, immigration, state development

  • Brandan P Buck

    Brandan P Buck

    U.S. History: 20th century U.S. political and diplomatic history, U.S.-Afghan relations, digital history, the national security state, postwar conservatism, and isolationism.


  • Laura Crossley

    Laura Crossley

    U.S. History: Indigenous histories, Gilded Age and Progressive Era, world's fairs, digital history, public history

  • Daniel T Curry

    Daniel T Curry

    U.S. History: U.S. History, Economic History, Borderlands History, American West, Agrarian and Populist Movements



  • Mika Endo

    Mika Endo

    U.S. History: Virginia History, American Indian History, 20th Century U.S., and Museum Studies



  • John Garnett

    John Garnett

    history of science and technology, agricultural history, environmental history, global/transnational history, history of Latin America

  • Andrea Gray

    Andrea Gray

    Early America, Early Republic, Aging, Historical Editing

  • Anthony E. Guidone

    Anthony E. Guidone

    U.S. History: 18th Century History, 19th Century History, Global History, Social History, Cultural History


  • Pearl Harris-Scott

    Pearl Harris-Scott

    World History: East Asia, Sub-saharan Africa, Empire and Gender in the 19th and 20th centuries

  • Caitlin Hartweave

    Caitlin Hartweave

    U.S. History: Gender and gender-non-conformity in the 18th century Atlantic world


  • Peter Carr Jones

    Peter Carr Jones

    U.S. History: Digital History, History of Technology, Environmental History, Public Lands Policy, Legal History


  • Jannelle Legg

    Jannelle Legg

    U.S. history: deaf history, disability history, religious history, digital history


  • Brian Medley

    Brian Medley

    U.S. History: Early Republic and antebellum periods; expansion and empire; national security

  • Nathan Michalewicz

    Nathan Michalewicz

    European History: Early Modern Europe, France, Ottoman Empire, Mediterranean, and Christian-Muslim relations.

  • Luz Adriana Mueller


  • Jordan Patty

    Jordan Patty

    U.S. History; Transportation history; Labor history; Libraries, archives, and museums; Digital history

  • Amber Mi'Chelle Pelham
  • Chester Pelsang

    Chester Pelsang

    U.S. History: Colonial and Revolutionary America, British Caribbean, Oceanic Empires, Public and Digital history

  • Nicole Penn

    Nicole Penn

    U.S. History: Religion, Gender, Politics, Military History


  • Amanda Regan

    Amanda Regan

    U.S. History: late-nineteenth and twentieth-century U.S. history, women and gender, fitness culture, digital history

  • Lawrence Robinson


  • Noreen Sait
  • Tom Seabrook

    Tom Seabrook

    U.S. History: My interests include memory, technology (especially the built environment), and local history.

  • Greta Swain

    Greta Swain

    U.S. History: Early America, slavery, women and gender, digital history, spatial history, public history


  • Rachel Anne Whyte

    Rachel Anne Whyte

    U.S. History: Indigenous History, Public and Digital History, Museum Studies