Charles Kevin Matthews

Charles Kevin Matthews

Charles Kevin Matthews

Assistant Professor

European History: Britain, Ireland, 19th and 20th century Europe, Anglo-American relations

Kevin Matthews earned a Ph.D. in History at the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2000. Earlier, he received a B.A. in History at Northern Kentucky University, and master’s degrees from the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce at the University of Kentucky and the American University in International Relations and Journalism, respectively.   In 2003-2004, he was the Visiting Professor of British History at American University.

Dr. Matthews was also an editorial writer for several newspapers in the United States and Italy; he was U.S. correspondent for Vatican Radio and, later, reported on British and Irish news from London for the network.  More recently, he has appeared on China Global Television Network's "The World Today" and "Global Business" newscasts to discuss British politics and the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union, or "Brexit".  He has also been interviewed about these issues on "Morning Wave in Busan", South Korea's daily English-language radio news program.  These interviews are available via:

"Morning Wave in Busan" interviews:

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CGTN interviews:

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Current Research

Dr. Matthews is currently working on a book-length study of the role played by the Irish conflict in the career of Winston Churchill.

Selected Publications

“Churchill and the Ulster Unionists: 1918-25", in Robert McNamara (ed.), The Churchills in Ireland, 1660-1965: Connections and Controversies (Irish Academic Press, 2012)

 Fatal Influence: The Impact of Ireland on British Politics, 1920-1925 (Dublin, 2004)

 “Stanley Baldwin’s ‘Irish Question”, The Historical Journal, Vol. 43, 4 (Cambridge, 2000), pp. 1027-49

 Wrote the “Black and Tans and Auxiliaries”, “Michael Collins”, “Eamon de Valera”, “Easter Rising”, and (co-wrote) “Ireland” entries in Spencer C. Tucker (ed.), The Encyclopedia of World War I (Santa Barbara, California, 2005)

 Dr Matthews has also written numerous book reviews for Cercles: Revue pluridiscipline du monde anglophone, History: Reviews of New Books, and H-Net Reviews, as well as opinion columns as a freelance writer for several newspapers.

In September 2019, he was interviewed by TIME magazine about the historical accuracy of the film "Downton Abbey".  The article can be found at:

Courses Taught

HIST 100: Survey of Western Civilization

HIST 120: Survey of U.S. History

HIST 122: Development of Modern America 

HIST 309: Europe in Crisis, 1914-1948

HIST 322: Survey of Modern Britain

HIST 388: Ethnic Conflict & Democracy: Britain & Ireland, 1900-2000

HIST 388: Britain, 1900-1970 - The Boers to the Beatles

HIST 389: Era of the Second World War

HIST 606: Themes in Modern Europe II

HIST 635: From Peace to War to Welfare State: Great Britain, 1900-1956

HIST 635: The European Civil War, 1900-1945


Recent Presentations

“Churchill & Partition”, Paper presented at The Churchills and Ireland: An International Conference at the University of Ulster, Belfast, 18-19 June 2009.

"The European Civil War: 1900-1945", Smithsonian Associates presentation, 11 June 2018.

"Churchill: The Man Behind the Myths", Smithsonian Associates (daylong) presentation, 9 March 2019.

"The Battle of Britain", Smithsonian Associates presentation, 21 November 2019.