Daniel T Curry

Daniel T Curry

Daniel T Curry

Adjunct Faculty

U.S. History: U.S. History, Economic History, Borderlands History, American West, Agrarian and Populist Movements

Daniel Curry is a doctoral candidate in the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University who specializes in the history of the nineteenth century American West.  He received his B.A. in History from Virginia Tech in 1996, an M.S. in Secondary Education from Old Dominion University in 2005, and an M.A. in History from George Mason University in 2012.  He has served in the U.S. Army, Virginia Army National Guard, and U.S. Army Reserve from 1996 to 2018; taught high school social studies in Fairfax County from 2005-2009; and worked as a teaching assistant and recitation professor at George Mason University from 2013-2018.  Mr. Curry is currently writing his dissertation on Spanish and Mexican land grants in New Mexico and California during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  His research explores the connection between the fate of these land grants and the changing role of government, evolving racial constructs, and the rise of corporate-capitalism in the U.S. between 1865 and 1916.

Selected Publications

Curry, Daniel. “Northern California: Persistence and Property Rights in a Changing Economy, 1840-1880.” Essays in History (2016). Accessed  January 16, 2017, http://www.essaysinhistory.com/northern-california-persistence-and-property-rights-in-a-changing-economy-1840-1880/ .

Courses Taught

Recitation Professor   HIST 125: World History, George Mason University,      2017-2018.

Teaching Assistant     HIST 100: Western Civilization, George Mason University, 2013-2016.

A.P. U.S. History       South County Secondary School, 2007-2009.

U.S. / VA History      South County Secondary School, 2005-2009.

World History           South County Secondary School, 2005-2006.


Ph.D. (Candidate)    George Mason University, History, Enrolled.

M.A.                          George Mason University, History, 2012.

M.S.                          Old Dominion University, Secondary Education, 2005.

B.A.                          Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, History, 1996           

Recent Presentations

“Neversink, New York: A Small Town Re-Imagined.” Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 17th Annual Brian Bertoti Innovative Perspectives in History Conference, March 21-22, 2014.