Eric Setzekorn

Eric Setzekorn

Eric Setzekorn

Adjunct Faculty

World History: Chinese History, Military History, the Cold War

Selected Publications


Arming East Asia: Deterring China in the Early Cold War, Naval Institute Press. 2023.

The Rise and Fall of an Officer Corps: The Republic of China Military, 1942-1955, University of Oklahoma Press, 2018.

Journal Articles:

-“Disease and Dissent: Progressives, Congress, and the WWI Army Training Camp Crisis,” The Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, Spring 2022.

-“Presidential Power and Withdrawing from Foreign Entanglements: Koreanization in the 1970s,” Presidential Studies Quarterly, Fall 2020.

-“Taiwan and the U.S. Army: New Opportunities Amid Increasing Threats,” Military Review, Sep-Oct 2020.

-“China’s Pundits in Uniform: Military Officers and Guiding Public Opinion,” Political and Military Sociology, Spring 2020.

-“Successful Military Opposition to National Policy: Army Officers and President Carter’s Korea Withdrawal Plan,” Parameters, 2019.

[Winner of Landpower Essay “Elihu Root” award from the U.S. Army War College Foundation]

-“Qing Dynasty Warfare and Military Authority: Discipline and the Ethnic Cleansing of 1860’s Shaanxi,” Journal of Chinese Military History, Fall 2018.

-“Structural Dissonance: The Failed U.S.-PRC Defense Relationship, 1979-1989,” Journal of Military and Strategic Studies, October 2018.

-"Military Engagement with a Responsible Stakeholder:  The Taft Administration and Qing Imperial China." Journal of American-East Asian Relations, Spring 2018.

-“The Office of Naval Intelligence in World War I: Diverse Threats, Divergent Responses,” Studies in Intelligence, Summer 2017.

-“Eisenhower’s Mutual Security Program and Congress: Defense Assistance for Cold War Asia,” The Society for History in the Federal Government, Spring 2017.

-“Chinese Military History and Qing Dynasty Imperialism, 1644-1911,” The International Bibliography of Military History, Spring 2016.

-“The Contemporary Utility of 1930s Counterintelligence Prosecution under the United States Espionage Act,” The International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, Spring 2016.

-“Jiang Baili: A Frustrated Military Intellectual in Republican China,” Journal of Chinese Military History, Spring 2016.

-“Eisenhower’s Mutual Security Program: Taiwan as a ‘Strategic Bargain,” Journal of American-East Asian Relations, Spring 2016.

-“Chinese Imperialism, Ethnic Cleansing and Military History, 1850-1877,” Journal of Chinese Military History, Spring 2015.

-“Target Taiwan: Bombing Japan’s Model Colony,” U.S. Military History Review, January 2015.

-“U.S. Open Source Intelligence in Japan and the 1921 Washington Naval Conference,” The International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, Summer 2014.

-“Military Reform in Taiwan: The Lafayette Scandal, National Defense Law and All-Volunteer Force,” The American Journal of Chinese Studies, April 2014.

-“The First China Watchers: British Intelligence Officers in China, 1878-1900” Intelligence and National Security, April 2013.

Expanded Publication List

Book Chapters:

-“The Battle of Okinawa: Dilemmas of Firepower and Non-Combatants,” Amphibious Operations Since 1900, (forthcoming 2024), Naval Institute Press.

-“The Battle of Seoul: Urban Operations in the Early Cold War,” Urban Operations Since 1945, (forthcoming 2023), Naval Institute Press.

-“North Korea 1950, Rear Area Operations in a Fluid Environment,” Victory into Success: Consolidating Gains in Large-Scale Combat Operations, January 2022, Army University Press.

-“Martial Legacies: Strategic Culture, Imperialism and Warfare in Chinese History,” Routledge Handbook of Chinese Studies, Spring 2021.

Grants and Fellowships

-Fellowship, Boren National Security Graduate Fellowship, Fall 2007 and Spring 2008.

-Republic of China Ministry of Education Language Scholarship,Fall 2007

-Senior Visiting Student Fellowship, Peking University, Spring 2008

-Graduate Research Award, UC Irvine Center for Asian Studies, Spring 2008

-U.S. Army Center for Military History, Dissertation Fellowship, 2012-2013

-Smith-Richardson World Politics and Statecraft Fellowship 2013

-Taiwan, Center for Chinese Studies Fellowship 2014


PhD,   George Washington University, History, 2013

M.S.   Troy University, International Relations, 2005

B.A.   University of California, Berkeley, History, 2001

B.A.   University of California, Berkeley, Political Science, 2001


Non-Degree Education and Overseas Research Study

2008            Peking University, visiting graduate student, Beijing, PRC

2007-2008   Taiwan Normal University intensive language Program, Taipei, Taiwan

2006-2007   University of California, Irvine, History, 2006-2007

2005-2006   Qinghua University intensive Chinese language Program, Beijing PRC