Gail Dallas Hook

Gail Dallas Hook

Gail Dallas Hook

Assistant Professor

World History: British Empire; modern Mediterranean

Gail Dallas Hook is a Term Assistant Professor of History with GMU Korea. She teaches courses in world history and the Silk Roads and is interested in the historical and modern connections between Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia. She has published articles and book reviews and presented papers on British colonization, immigration, environmental history, art and architecture in the Mediterranean region.

A particular focus is the modern history of Cyprus. Dr. Hook's book, Protectorate Cyprus: British Imperial Power before World War I, was published in 2015 and she continues to travel in Cyprus doing research for additional publications. 

Dr. Hook is concerned with issues of student engagement and recently organized and chaired a GMUK panel for the Innovations in Teaching & Learning Conference at the Stearns Center at GMU Fairfax. She also serves on the Committee for Student Engagement and is the faculty sponsor for the new student History Club at GMUK.

Dr. Hook currently teaches at GMU’s Incheon, Korea campus, as well as continuing online courses for the Fairfax campus.

Selected Publications

"La Sagrada Familia Update: Barcelona icon" in Faith & Form Journal, forthcoming June 2020

"The Silk Road" in Lester Kurtz, ed., Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace and Conflict, 3rd edition (forthcoming Summer 2020)

“The restitution of religious art: When they go, what is left?” in Faith and Form Journal, Spring 2017

Protectorate Cyprus: British Imperial Power before World War I (I.B. Tauris, 2015)

“Mr. Fenech’s Colony: Maltese Immigration in British Cyprus, 1878 to 1950,” in Journal of Cyprus Studies 13 (2007), Eastern Mediterranean University Press, pp. 27-51

Courses Taught

GMUK, Incheon, South Korea

  • HIST 100 Western Civilizations
  • HIST 125 World Civilizations
  • HIST 202 Sophomore Seminar: The Silk Road, Then and Now
  • HIST 387 Cold War and the Modern Spy
  • ARTH 103 Introduction to Architecture

GMU Fairfax

  • HIST 100 Western Civilizations
  • HIST 122 U.S. History II
  • HIST 125 World Civilizations
  • NCLC 102 Global Networks and Communities
  • HIST 347 History of the Mafia in Italy and the United States
  • HIST 387 Topics in Global History: British Empire
  • HIST 387 China and the Silk Road: Then and Now
  • HIST 388 Mediterranean World, 1821 to the present (also taught as a graduate seminar)


Ph.D, University of Texas at Austin (2009)

M.ArcH, University of Virginia (2001)

M.Arc, University of Houston (1987)

Recent Presentations

"Making Mediterranean Studies Global." Position paper for a panel titled "Is there a future for Mediterranean Studies?" at Modern Language Association Conference, Seattle, Washington (January 9-10, 2020)

Chair and organizer: Panel titled "GMU Korea: Challenges and Innovations" for Innovations in Teaching & Learning Conference, Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning, GMU Fairfax (September 27, 2019)