Jason Heppler

Jason Heppler

Jason Heppler

U.S. History: 20th century US; environmental history; history of capitalism; digital history

Jason A. Heppler is a historian and the senior developer at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (RRCHNM). He earned his PhD in History from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln specializing in the North American West, with particular interests in urban history, politics and political culture, and environmental and climate history. His second book, Silicon Valley and the Environmental Inequalities of High-Tech Urbanism (University of Oklahoma Press, 2024), explores the postwar growth of the cities of Silicon Valley and the ways that their growth not only led to ecological disaster but introduced social inequality. He re-imagines the Silicon Valley’s history not just as symbol of post-industrialism, but as an illustrative of the consequences of the post-war period’s uneven suburban growth in shaping 20th century environmental politics, concerns over social justice, and ideas of sustainability.

He is a co-editor on Digital Community Engagement: Partnering Communities with the Academy (University of Cincinnati Press, 2020) with Rebecca Wingo and Paul Schadewald. This edited volume brings together cutting-edge campus-community partnerships with a focus on digital projects. Through a series of case studies authored by academics and their community partners, contributors explore models for digital community engagement that leverages new media through reciprocal partnerships. The contributions to the volume stand at the crossroads of digital humanities, public history, and community engagement, drawing ideas, methods, and practices from various disciplines to inform our public partnerships. By highlighting these projects the book provides other institutions, cultural heritage organizations, universities, and communities models for successful engagement.

Current Research

  • The Sagebrush Rebellion, ranching, public lands, and politics in the Northern Plains.

Selected Publications

Grants and Fellowships

Affiliate Fellow, Center for Great Plains Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Courses Taught


Ph.D, History, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2016)
M.A., History, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2009)
B.A., History & Economics, South Dakota State University (2007)