Samuel Collins

Samuel Collins

Samuel Collins

Associate Professor

European History: Early medieval, religion

Sam Collins is an historian of early medieval western Europe. His first book, The Carolingian Debate Over Sacred Space (2014), examined opposed ninth-century assessments of claims for and against the status of ecclesiastical architecture as sacred. His current work looks at eighth and ninth-century monastic reform and its use and misuse of the ascetic language of late antiquity to justify and shape those key medieval changes to western monastic practice. Professor Collins teaches widely on medieval and late Roman topics in both the graduate and undergraduate program here at Mason.

Courses Taught

Hist 304: Western Europe in the Middle Ages

Hist 387: Crusade and Jihad

Hist 388: Fall of the Roman Empire

Hist 388: Pagans and Christians

Hist 388: Anglo-Saxon England

Hist 388: Medieval England

Hist 388: Medieval Monasticism

Arth 334: Early Medieval Art and Culture

Hist 604: Fall of the Roman Empire

Hist 604: Anglo-Saxon England


Ph.D. Medieval History, University of California, Berkeley

M.A. Medieval History, Durham University

B.A. History, Whitman College