Steve A. Harris-Scott

Steve A. Harris-Scott

Steve A. Harris-Scott

Graduate Pathway Instructor

U.S. History: Research: Colonial Virginia, Early Modern Atlantic World, bound/unfree labor (slavery, indentured servitude, apprenticeship), environmental history and history of diseases/pandemics

Currently a Term Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of INTO George Mason's Graduate Education and Faculty Affairs. Also, an Affiliate Professor with the Department of History and Art History.

Current Research

  • Degrees of Unfreedom in Early Colonial Virginia
  • The Fairfax Proprietary in colonial Virginia
  • International Student Adjustment and Engagement in U.S. Higher Education
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Diseases and Pandemics

Courses Taught

HIST 125: Introduction to World History

HIST 387: Global History of Disease

INYO 501, 502, 504: Graduate Transitions for International Students

HNRS 110: Principles of Research and Inquiry

HNRS 240: Reading the Past


George Mason University, Ph.D., History, 2016

University of New Orleans, M.A., History, 2005

Millsaps College, B.S., Physics, 2000