Graduate Certificate in Digital Public Humanities

Jenna Rinalducci, 2018

Jenna Rinalducci

What work are you doing now?

I am currently the Arts & Architecture Librarian at UNC Charlotte. I work with students and faculty in the School of Architecture as well as the Departments of Art & Art History, Theater, and Dance. Prior to this position, I was the Art & Art History Librarian at George Mason University.


Why did you choose to pursue the certificate in Digital Public Humanities?

I applied to the DPH graduate certificate program because of my work as an arts librarian. Digital Humanities has become a growing focus for libraries, and it is especially relevant in my work with students and faculty from the visual and performing arts as well as art history and architecture. My personal interest in the area began because of the artists’ books collection I started when I was the Art & Art History Librarian at George Mason. In our attempt to make the collection more accessible online, I learned about DH theories and tools. We discovered things about the collection we never would have otherwise, and I realized I wanted to pursue this area in greater depth. 


What knowledge or skills from the program have been particularly valuable to you?

The program overall has been helpful in my day-to-day work for two reasons. The first reason is that I am able to communicate with faculty and students working in the digital humanities. I am better able to understand their research needs and see how the library can help them. Something as simple as having a shared vocabulary for these terms is invaluable. In addition, my own research utilizes digital humanities theories and tools. This work ranges from creating Omeka sites to organizing DH forums on campus.