Graduate Certificate in Digital Public Humanities

Nashieli Marcano

Nashieli Marcano, 2021

Archivist/Digital Collections Librarian at Furman University

The DPH curriculum and the RRCHNM internship introduced me to many digital tools for text analysis, mapping, modeling, multi-media storytelling, network analysis, and online exhibit creation. This hands-on experience helped me better understand the nature of digital humanities and its interdisciplinary intersections.

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Paula Kiser

Paula Kiser, 2018

Digital Scholarship Librarian

I know that getting my certification in DPH from Mason gave me the edge I needed to get my current position.

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MaryKate McMaster

MaryKate McMaster, 2018

Humanities and Social Sciences Instructor

[The DPH certificate program] was the perfect opportunity to learn about and experiment with digital tools, to read and discuss current scholarship in the field, to get a refresher course in public history, with the digital component included, and to gain experience through internships.

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Mary Ellen Pethel

Mary Ellen Pethel, 2018

Social Sciences Teacher, Digital History Coordinator, Archivist

The classes and projects provided me with much needed digital training, skills, experience, and networking. The DPH certificate also expanded my scholarly credentials and helped to validate my academic pursuits.

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Jenna Rinalducci

Jenna Rinalducci, 2018

Arts and Architecture Librarian

Digital Humanities has become a growing focus for libraries, and it is especially relevant in my work with students and faculty from the visual and performing arts as well as art history and architecture.

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Tori Arthur

Tori Arthur, 2017

Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism and Media Communication

The skills I’ve learned [from the DPH certificate program] are invaluable to my day to day work as a professor and researcher.

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Jennifer Coggins

Jennifer Coggins, 2017

Archivist for Collection Development in Manuscripts and Archives

The principles of digital public history I learned through the program have been fundamental in shaping my approach to presenting historical materials and information online.

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Maura Seale

Maura Seale, 2017

History Librarian

The course on pedagogy has probably most directly impacted my everyday work. I completely rethought my library instruction sessions based on that course, and will have a book chapter out soon about how and why I did that.

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Bekeh Utietiang

Bekeh Utietiang, 2017

Assistant Professor of History

I was interested in rethinking how history is being taught in the age of digital humanities...The program answered my questions. It helped me rethink my teaching, incorporating digital tools.

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Anita Leonard

Anita Leonard, 2016

High School English Teacher

The DPH program allowed me to expend my knowledge of historical thinking, gain valuable experience using digital tools, and try out these fresh skills at the Smithsonian Institute and the RRCHNM internships.

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