Graduate Certificate in Digital Public Humanities

Maura Seale, 2017

Maura Seale

What work are you doing now?

I'm the History Librarian at the University of Michigan Library. I develop the collections in American, British, Canadian, and Irish history, teach sessions on how to conduct library research, and help students and faculty with their research projects. 


Why did you choose to pursue the certificate in Digital Public Humanities?

I wanted to know more about digital and public scholarship to better support the students and faculty I work with. I also was just interested in the theories and methods of digital scholarship.


What knowledge or skills from the program have been particularly valuable to you?

The course on pedagogy has probably most directly impacted my everyday work. I completely rethought my library instruction sessions based on that course, and will have a book chapter out soon about how and why I did that. It was also great to gain experience with some of the most commonly used tools - they're much less mysterious to me now. I also hands on experience with wrangling and cleaning data in my internship, which is super important but often invisible in digital projects.